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Leftists Love The Pandemic And Want You To Learn To Love It, Too

Nancy Pelosi

Democrats and the media enjoyed the pandemic. It ensured that people stayed home and relied on a government check.


Getting through the pandemic would mean going back to normal, which is something Democrats and the media only sometimes pretend to wish for. Most of the time, though, they’re practically cheering on the new coronavirus.

More spread means more mandates and there’s nothing liberals love more than a good government mandate (except calling white people “racist,” their first love).

And this is why the New York Times opinion page has become the place for a steady stream of peppy pieces on how great masks, restrictions and higher prices really are.

To wit, the paper ran a column on Wednesday looking at all the upsides of making children cover half their faces in schools. “Wearing a mask can also help teach children to pay more attention to their own bodies and physical behaviors,” wrote Judith Danovitch, a professor at the University of Louisville “Keeping a mask on over the course of a school day involves the kind of self-control and self-regulation that many children find challenging. Younger children must inhibit the urge to pull off their mask, and older children must be mindful of when their mask is slipping down or when it’s OK to take it off.”

See that, moms and dads? It’s not just a mask. It’s an educational tool!

Last week the Times ran a separate piece authored by a restaurant owner actually encouraging people to eat out less and at the same time, welcome higher menu prices. “Adjusting to the price of better work cultures will be difficult for many,” wrote Peter Hoffman. “But dining out less isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Treating a restaurant meal as a special occasion rather than a frequent convenience may represent a quality of life improvement for all.”

The pandemic has become a religion for these people. Hoffman owns his own fine eateries where he could very easily raise menu prices and begin a “quality of life improvement for all” of his own staff. But that’s not enough. He wants to make converts out of everyone else.

Hoffman’s reasoning is that restaurants are often less-than-ideal places to work. That’s probably true. So are landfills. But what does it have to do with me or anyone else who enjoys frequently dining out?

Well it’s a pandemic! Didn’t you like it when restaurants tacked on special COVID fees, forced you to eat outside, or only served pick-up orders? That was a quality of life improvement for all!

It’s been obvious for a long time that Democrats and the media were enjoying the pandemic. It ensured that people stayed home and relied on a government check. That’s the stuff their dreams are made of. Lockdowns mean more welfare, and more importantly, less energy consumption. That’s better for the planet which they believe is far more important than your hopes to see friends, family, and places that aren’t within walking distance.

Professional nag Farhad Manjoo of the Times wrote last month that even as it became safer to resume normal air travel, thanks to vaccine distribution, maybe you’d better not. “Sure, there’s something magical about meeting face to face, but in an age of pretty good videoconferencing, there isn’t magic enough to justify the extreme environmental costs of routine flight,” he said. “But flying is so carbon intensive — your share of the emissions from a single round-trip trans-Atlantic flight are almost enough to wipe out the gains you might get from living car-free for a year — that it’s worth considering limiting leisure plane trips, too.”

The phrase “it’s worth considering” is liberal speak for, “Do it, moron.”

Democrats will occasionally say something about going back to “normal” but that’s not really what they want. They’re enjoying this too much.