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How Many Other Andrew Cuomos Are Elites Covering For?

Andrew Cuomos face

All eyes were on Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday after the disgraced New York governor shockingly announced his resignation. Corporate media waffled between aghast that their pandemic “hero” could be so inappropriate and hopeful that Cuomo would run for office again soon. The Twitterverse buzzed with garden-variety anti-Trump pulp insisting Democrats’ too-little-too-late Cuomo condemnation is evidence of their moral superiority — because, UNLIKE REPUBLICANS, the left holds its own accountable.

The obvious fact is, however, that this corrupt corporate press and the Jennifer Rubin “conservatives” of the world are the ones who propped Cuomo up as “the gold standard,” to use Joe Biden’s words, even describing themselves as “Cuomosexuals.”

Cuomo’s “radical transparency” made him a “terrific bureaucrat,” they said. Cuomo is “inspiring, uplifting, fascinating,” and truly “magnificent,” they insisted. He’s “honest, direct, brave,” and what “real leadership” looks like. Elites gave him an Emmy and blessed him with softball interviews and comedy-hour airtime, with left-wing activists working behind the scenes to discredit Cuomo’s accusers.

Tuesday’s resignation signals it’s the end of the road for Cuomo — for now. But if the media can sit and twiddle its thumbs — or worse, kiss keister and perform comedy sketches with giant Q-Tips — while thousands of elderly folks die in New York nursing homes and women in the double digits tell of a gropey governor’s disgusting habits, we must ask: How many other Andrew Cuomos is the media covering for?

Covering for elite misconduct is a perpetual problem in the media; it didn’t start with Cuomo. As Federalist Political Editor John Daniel Davidson wrote on Tuesday, the media did the same with Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Theodore McCarrick. Don’t forget Bill Clinton or Roman Polanski, either.

“Everyone knew. No one cared. No one said anything until forced to. Then the feigned shock and outrage, the concern about the treatment of women, the hand-wringing and Me Too-ing, the performances on social media,” Davidson wrote. “As long as sexual harassment, assault, abuse, even the sex trafficking of underage girls stays quiet, then [the media] stay quiet, too.”

The media provided the same cover in the ’80s and ’90s for Ted Kennedy. Allegedly drunkenly rubbing his genitals against an unwitting waitress in the private room of a restaurant in the infamous “waitress sandwich” episode wasn’t enough to get the media’s attention. Nor was plummeting his car off a bridge and leaving a woman for dead in the passenger seat as it sank to the bottom of a pond.

The media framed the “accident” as something Kennedy’s political opponents would use against him in campaigns — your stereotypical “Republicans pounce” spin. “His big heart, sharp mind, and boundless energy were gifts he gave to make our democracy a more perfect union,” Bill Clinton would later say, with Barack Obama adding that Kennedy was “the greatest United States senator of our time.”

We watched the corrupt media put their fingers in their ears during the sexual assault accusations against now-President Joe Biden too. TV networks were reluctant to utter accuser Tara Reade’s name in any context, resulting in a veritable media blackout of the allegations against their preferred candidate. Five weeks and 19 interviews later, Biden still hadn’t been asked a single question about the accusations.

The media’s disregard for potential victims and concurrent air cover for the left’s powerful and promiscuous ruling class means more Andrew Cuomos are surely lurking with impunity in the media vacuum’s darkness — you know, where democracy dies.

Despite the reason for Cuomo’s shameful exit, however, the worst of his sins (that we know of) wasn’t actually getting frisky with his young assistants. It was trapping thousands of vulnerable grandparents in nursing homes to be ravaged by a deadly virus and then trying to cover it up, a sin the corrupt media blatantly ignored.

While we don’t know how many sexual predators the media is covering for at the moment, we know without a doubt there are other Democrat governors and bureaucrats who instituted the same murderous nursing home mandates. They’re still in power, shielded by a media that puffs itself up as a brave class of warriors willing to “speak truth to power.” Meanwhile, that media is wholly uninterested in asking Govs. Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Phil Murphy, Tim Walz, or Tom Wolf, or former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine any questions about preventable nursing home deaths.

In fact, while the press opted not to ask Levine about why he removed his own mother from a care facility to protect her while relegating other people’s loved ones to COVID-infested nursing homes where more than 12,000 died, Levine was poached by Biden and promoted to be the assistant health secretary of the entire country.

Where was the media for Levine? For Whitmer, Kennedy, Biden, Weinstein, and Epstein? The same place it was for Cuomo. It played the part of cheerleader instead of investigator or reporter, and it enabled a powerful man to exploit women and elderly people for personal pleasure and political points.

Last week, Cuomo was a media-lauded pandemic “hero.” Today, he’s an alleged serial sexual harasser and a grandma killer.

How many other Andrew Cuomos is the media covering for?