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Domenech: The Left Wants A Permanent Pandemic Because ‘Isolated People Are Easier To Manipulate’

Ben Domenech

The left is making the pandemic a permanent crisis to seize control, destroy our institutions, and make us totally dependent on the state, Domenech warned.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said the left is making the pandemic a permanent crisis to distract Americans and achieve its goal of seizing power by undermining community and family structures.

“If you are wide awake, you understand that the authoritarian left is using the permanent pandemic to achieve as many ends as they can imagine,” Domenech said Thursday night on Fox News “Primetime.” “Weakening the family, restricting faith, and undermining community in order that they may rule over us as they see fit.”

“They want you beholden to government above all else from cradle to grave,” Domenech said, likening the left’s vision for life in the permanent pandemic to former President Barack Obama’s “Life of Julia” re-election campaign ad, which portrayed a girl whose life was defined by total dependence on the state.

“We’ve seen churches close under the guise of preserving life, neighbors reporting on each other under the guise of unity. We’re all in this together — so long as we stay in our homes and don’t socialize,” Domenech said. “Teacher’s unions are the most powerful political entities in American life to the point of wrecking the lives of their students if the teachers don’t want to work. Local small businesses have to close, but Walmart can stay open. And don’t forget, Fauci knows best, parents. If you disagree with any unelected bureaucrat, even if it conflicts with what they said mere days earlier, you must hate science, and you’re putting your kids and everyone else at risk.”

Domenech said bringing back the same failed policies as the previous lockdown will result in the further breakdown of traditional institutions.

“Why is worshipping God, burying our loved ones, celebrating our birthdays, graduations, and marriages banned, but protests and riots allowed, if not to break the tenuous hold we have on family, faith, and community?” Domenech asked. “They tell you the reason for this is your own good, keeping you safe and sound. But the truth you need to wake up to is despite over one and a half years of bitter failure, our public authorities are bringing back the same policies they did before.”

Domenech said the renewed mask mandates and lockdowns are a result of the government’s desire and ability to control us, not a necessity to save us.

“Isolated and divided people are easier to manipulate. You’ve got a 60-inch TV. Who cares if there are opioid deaths and virulent homelessness a block away?” Domenech said. “Normal times don’t produce the outcomes that the authoritarian left wants because people are not scared enough to give them the limitless power they crave. Crises are necessary. And so, if there aren’t any on offer, they manufacture them.”

The billions of dollars poured into COVID relief funds are “designed to raise subjects, not citizens,” Domenech said. But he is hopeful Americans will “wake up to the truth” and take back control of their lives.

“For the insistence on pandemic permanence, the facts are encouraging. Cases may rise but deaths aren’t. Thank the vaccines for that, thank God for that. Do not though thank the unthinking officeholders who had nothing to do with it and who merely see this as an opportunity to exploit the moment to achieve their authoritarian aims,” Domenech concluded. “The left’s only answer to the crisis is the only answer they’ve ever had. It’s the only answer that they wanted: their boot on your neck. But they can’t do that if you are wide awake. So are you?”