Maggie Hroncich
Maggie Hroncich
Maggie Hroncich

Maggie Hroncich is an intern at The Federalist and a student at Hillsdale College.

Jack Phillips Appeals After Colorado Court Fines Him $500 For Refusing To Design Gender Dysphoria Cake

A Colorado trial court just fined Masterpiece Cake Shop owner Jack Phillips for refusing to design a cake celebrating a transgender person’s ‘transition.’

Ted Cruz Slams Airline Masking Laws As ‘Performative Theater’

Sen. Ted Cruz said allowing vaccinated customers to not wear a mask would increase air traffic, boost travel, and incentivize vaccinations.

GOP Lawmakers Sue Over Pelosi’s $5,000 Metal-Detector Fines: ‘She Wants To Make Us Look Like Domestic Terrorists’

“She wants to make us look like domestic terrorists by adding magnetometers as if we’re a threat to each other, which is completely false,” said Rep. Andrew Clyde.

Whites Need Not Apply: Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Racist Loan Forgiveness Program

The USDA, through Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, is attempting to remedy its alleged past racism by issuing loan forgiveness on the basis of race.

Russia Collusion Hoax Just Got Deep-Sixed Again By Don McGahn

The 241-page transcript of the interview confirmed what the lengthy and expensive Mueller probe already found: President Trump did not collude with Russia.

Rep. Byron Donalds Blasts CNN Host For Telling Him What To Think: ‘As A Black Man In America, I’m Allowed To Have My Own Thoughts’

A CNN anchor suggested that the reason Rep. Donalds has not received an invite to the Congressional Black Caucus is because of his support for Trump.

Chipotle Hikes Menu Prices In An Effort To Overcome Labor Shortages

The company will increase menu prices by up to 4 percent to help cover the costs of increased wages amid mass labor shortages in the U.S.

Catholic League Slams Biden For 32 Direct Violations Of Core Church Teachings

Biden touts his Catholic faith, but the recent Catholic League report highlights 32 times the president has publicly gone against the church.

Vaccines For Kids? Amid Fauci Email Scandal, Poll Shows Americans Trust Parents Over Feds

In a recent poll, the majority of American voters said parents, not the federal government, should decide if public school children need the COVID-19 shot.

Biden To Mothers: You’re ‘Birthing People’

President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion budget proposal insults mothers by reducing them to “birthing people.”

NYC Pride To LGBT Cops: You’re Not Welcome At Our Parade

NYPD still supports LGBT activism, even if NYC Pride views the very presence of those officers as ‘threatening, and at times dangerous.’

Chuck Grassley Blasts DOJ For Politicized Prosecutions Of U.S. Capitol Rioters After Year Of Violent Riots

Sen. Chuck Grassley questioned the Department of Justice’s approach to federal prosecutions of rioters, highlighting the discrepancies between cases.