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Rep. James Clyburn Falsely Claims Critical Race Not Taught In Grade Schools, Says It’s A ‘Red Herring’


James Clyburn said critical race theory is only being taught at ‘the university level,” calling it a “red herring” Republicans employ to not discuss racism. 


South Carolina Democrat Rep. James Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, said Wednesday on a virtual Axios event that critical race theory (CRT) is only being taught at “the university level” and the nationwide debate is a “red herring” used by Republicans to dismiss systemic racism.

“This whole issue on race and all this activity we see going on in elementary schools all about critical race theory,” Clyburn said. ” …We do not teach theory in elementary school. We teach people in elementary school how to read, write, and how to be well-mannered. How to be respectful of others. Critical race theory is something at the university level.”

“And for us to continue to apply that to these elementary schools and high schools, and to that debate around the country, I think that that’s what the media ought to do,” he continued. “Come clean with the American people and let them know this is a red herring.”

Axios hosted the event Wednesday afternoon featuring activist Rosa Clemente, author Michelle Duster, Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III, Andrew Plepler, an executive at Bank of America, as well as Axios reporters.

A press release advertised the forum as “a virtual event on systemic racism in America,” to “discuss how leaders in their respective fields are working to achieve equity, how institutions are reckoning with their histories, and what is being done to create lasting change.”

Clyburn said Republicans have manufactured CRT’s widespread nature and “are trying to use [it] in order to spread strife.”

“And I just think that that’s where we are missing the mark, by not explaining to the American people that this is the truth,” He said. “All the stuff that they’re saying is just stuff that they’re using to divide this country. Believe it or not, everybody sitting in office up her [sic] do not believe in democracy. These people believe in autocracy.”

Many Democrats have made false claims that CRT is not spreading throughout K-12 schools across the nation. Leftleaning outlets have done much of the same, all the while, teachers and whistleblowers continue to come forward with CRT-based training manuals.