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Bureaucratic Red Tape, Not Climate Change, Sparks Wildfires


The government can help ensure that the wildfire crisis is solved, so what’s stopping them? Listen to this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Vice President of Law at The Property and Environment Research Center Jonathan Wood joins Western Correspondent Tristan Justice to discuss how to prevent devastating wildfires when certain bureaucratic hoops stand in the way of burn mitigation techniques.

“Restoring fire to the forest is a really important part of the story and there, too, regulations get in the way right now,” Wood said. “States can run into problems when they try to implement prescribed fire regimes because they have to account for the air pollution that results so that smoke gets counts against the state under the Clean Air Act, in a way that wildfire smoke doesn’t even though it’s far worse in uncontrolled.”

Wood said to prevent further havoc on homes and towns during “fire season,” the government needs to band together with groups to ensure that the wildfire crisis is solved.

“What we need to do really is to get the incentives right so that states, communities, and the Forest Service are working together, so that they’re actually increasing the scale of forest restoration, so that we’re reducing over time the balance. There’s less area at risk and that is the only way to really solve the wildfire crisis,” Wood said.

Listen here: