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The Ultimate Federalist Guide To 4th Of July Grilling

Fly the flag, light the grill, and hang out with your fellow Americans this weekend.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to explain how to host the perfect Independence Day bash using his best grilling tips.

“It’s a real celebration of America and especially in a time when people are telling you ‘you can’t do this. You can’t fly the flag.’ I mean fly the flag, light the grill, and hang out with your friends,” Bedford said. “Blast country music, blast classic rock, whatever you like. I mean it’s just purely American, purely fun, and very low pressure.”

Bedford said the effort that goes into grilling must be calculated and precise and depends on the number of guests attending your 4th of July celebration.

“It depends on how many people are there,” Bedford said. “If it’s 10 people, I’m doing a more complicated project, maybe even like a steak or something from Costco, and slice it up. But if it’s 30 people, 40 people, 50 people like we’ve done some years, then it’s definitely going to be as much pre-work as I can get done on the grill.”