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Douglas Murray: Big Tech Censors Are Unqualified To Talk About Free Speech

‘These companies talk about free speech as if nobody thought about it until a seminar they had some time last semester,’ Murray said.


Douglas Murray, author of “The Madness Of Crowds,” joined The Federalist’s Ben Domenech on Fox News Primetime to discuss the dangers of Big Tech censorship Friday night.

“These companies—that assume the right to decide what you and I can know, read and say—are nowhere near up for the job,” Murray said. “My own view is that actually nobody could be, but they are especially unqualified; they talk about free speech as if nobody thought about it until a seminar they had some time last semester.”

“We are dealing with kids here,” he said, adding “these companies got everything about the last year wildly wrong” and citing Big Tech’s censorship of the Wuhan lab leak theory.

Murray and Domenech also discussed Facebook’s recent announcement that it will suspend former President Donald Trump’s account for the next two years. “Remember when Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook wouldn’t be an arbiter for political speech?” Domenech asked. “Apparently he doesn’t remember it either.”

Murray noted Facebook’s Nick Clegg, who announced today “we believe his [Donald Trump’s] actions constitute a severe violation of our rules which merit the highest penalty available,” was a former deputy prime minister in Murray’s native Great Britain. “He was chucked out by his own constituents,” Murray said. “But now he gets to say what a former president of the United States can say, where and when. So in some ways I congratulate him for an enormous global upgrade.”

“It is insulting Mark Zuckerberg occupies a more powerful position than the pope in Rome,” Domenech added.

These displays of power and of censorship, Murray concluded, show “it is high time we make it clear that we cannot and will not live under the rules of Big Tech. They are not up to the job that they have taken upon their shoulders to perform.”