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Biden’s DHS Issues Another Baseless White Supremacy Warning For Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Events

DHS warns Tulsa of white supremacists

The Department of Homeland Security later admitted that “there are no specific or credible threats at this time that violent extremists are planning on targeting the remembrance.”


After months of failed predictions concerning potentially violent acts committed by white supremacists, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security issued another blanket statement warning law enforcement, organizers, and attendees of the Tulsa Race Massacre centennial commemoration events that they could be targets of extremism.

Just last week, DHS said the “events associated with the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre … probably are attractive targets for some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists to commit violence.”

DHS later admitted that “there are no specific or credible threats at this time that violent extremists are planning on targeting the remembrance,” but corporate media outlets such as ABC News, CNN, NBC News, and even Rolling Stone continued to amplify their coverage of a potential attack. Some of these same corrupt outlets even claimed that events such as “Remember and Rise,” which sought to commemorate the fatal day, were canceled due to the reported threats, but others say the true reason for taking the event off the schedule was a dispute over payments to survivors of the massacre and their descendants.

Despite the federal agency’s claims, hundreds of people gathered peacefully on the 100th anniversary of the race massacre to remember the many black people killed in the 1921 race mob in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Biden is also still scheduled to visit the area on Tuesday to participate in a series of memorial activities to remember the destruction of “Black Wall Street,” a trip the White House would probably rethink if it actually anticipated violence.

This isn’t the first time DHS, especially under the Biden administration, has warned against nonexistent violence and then was let off the hook by the media when its projections never came to fruition. In March, corporate media and Democrats amplified a memo from the DHS and FBI warning that “domestic extremists” were ramping up to “take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove democratic lawmakers on or about the 4th of March.” Capitol Police also signaled the threat of a breach, while federal agents conducted investigations into “whether there was an increase in the number of hotel rooms being rented in Washington, as well as monitoring flights to the area, car rental reservations and any buses being chartered to bring groups into the capital.”

Similar predictions were used to justify prolonged fencing and National Guard troops in Washington, D.C., but the only violence and rowdiness that occurred on Jan. 20 were committed by Antifa rioters who took to the streets to vandalize businesses and even the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters to protest Biden’s inauguration.