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Josh Hawley Objects To Jeff Bezos’s $10 Billion Senate Bailout, MGM Purchase

Sen. Josh Hawley continues his crusade against Big Tech’s unchecked power, critiquing two recent power grabs by Jeff Bezos and Amazon.


Sen. Josh Hawley continues his crusade against Big Tech’s unchecked power, critiquing a Senate bill that would carve out $10 billion for Jeff Bezos’s space company, as well as the announcement that Amazon would be purchasing MGM film studios.

The Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post also owns Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer that lost a multibillion dollar NASA contract to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. However, the Senate is considering legislation that would give Blue Origin a $10 billion dollar contract through an amendment tacked onto the Endless Frontier Act. The bill is meant to augment our science and technology advancements as the United States faces pressure to compete against China.

Hawley also criticized Amazon’s purchase of MGM, a media company and film studio, which the tech company bought for $8.45 billion. Hawley said the purchase “should not go through,” arguing that Amazon’s ownership of “e-commerce, shipping, groceries & the cloud” renders them a monopoly, and therefore should be barred from further expanding into owning a major Hollywood studio.

Amazon already owns a production company, Amazon Studios, which creates original content for streaming service Prime Video. Their purchase of the company which owns the “Rocky” and “James Bond” franchises would be less of an expansion into a new industry, but another case of fewer companies controlling all of the entertainment content.

The Missouri senator has long been combatting Big Tech, pushing for increased regulation for companies like Amazon and Twitter, due to their anti-conservative bias, censorship, and monopolistic power.

When it was reported last year that Bezos was considering the purchase of CNN, Hawley shot down the idea.