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‘Grandma Killer’ Andrew Cuomo Says Unvaccinated New Yorkers Will ‘Wind Up Killing Your Grandma’

DeSantis vs. Cuomo

While New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo lectures New Yorkers on killing grandmothers, he is under investigation for his COVID-19 nursing home policy.


In a press conference Monday, New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened that New Yorkers who do not receive the COVID-19 vaccine will “wind up killing your grandmother.” The governor is under federal investigation for doing just that.

“My argument is, yeah, maybe you’ll be fine. And by the way, you don’t know that either. We’ve had a lot of young people who have died,” Cuomo said. “Maybe you will get a long-haul syndrome that we’re not really sure what it is yet, but a lingering consequence of COVID. Or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandma. So, show some civic responsibility.”

While the New York governor is attempting to communicate to residents that they may kill senior citizens if they are not vaccinated, Cuomo is not one to talk about protecting the elderly.

Cuomo is the target of a federal investigation for sending COVID-19 positive seniors back to nursing homes and covering up the number of patients who died as a result of his policy. The New York Times reported that Cuomo’s top aides tried to conceal the number of COVID-positive patients sent to nursing homes, as well as the resulting death toll.

Even as recently as a few months ago, Cuomo’s office was reporting almost 6,500 nursing home deaths from COVID-19 for much of the pandemic. New York Times reporting suggests that in reality, 9,000 COVID-positive patients were discharged into nursing homes, and the projected nursing home death toll could be closer to 15,000.

Meanwhile, the governor has been accused of multiple sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo has said he will not step down after 10 different women, including aides, have accused him of being sexually inappropriate. “I’m not going to resign,” Cuomo told the public in March, additionally noting he was not “elected by the politicians but by the people.”