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TikTok Blacklists Gen Z PragerU Ambassador Amala Ekpunobi 

Chinese-owned TikTok permanently banned Prager University ambassador Amala Ekpunobi from its platform, but “no reasons for the bans have been given.”


The Chinese-owned TikTok app permanently banned Prager University ambassador Amala Ekpunobi from its platform. According to PragerU, “No reasons for the bans have been given.”

PragerU’s account was also banned on TikTok earlier this month for “multiple violations” of their community guidelines.

Ekpunobi was raised in a leftist household and grew up to work as a left-wing political organizer. She became a conservative after she realized the racism she thought she was fighting was being perpetuated by the left, and she is now a conservative influencer with PragerU.

PragerU is known for producing short and informative video content for elementary through college-aged students. Ekpunobi produces thoughtful and entertaining social media content catered toward young people. Since TikTok blacklisted her main account, Ekpunobi is directing people to follow her on her “backup” TikTok account.

This is not the first time Big Tech has felt threatened by PragerU. Spotify banned the education nonprofit’s advertisements from its platform and YouTube placed 80 PragerU videos on a “restricted list,” according to PragerU Founder Dennis Prager.

The left indoctrinates millions of children into believing America is evil, racist, xenophobic, and bigoted. PragerU has dedicated itself to combating the monopoly the left has on the American education system. For that, they are being punished by Big Tech oligarchs who have made an alarming alliance with the woke anti-American left.