Read The Most Touching Tributes To Broadcast Legend Rush Limbaugh

Read The Most Touching Tributes To Broadcast Legend Rush Limbaugh

Legendary conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh died of lung cancer at age 70, his family announced Wednesday.

Garnering an audience of more than 15 million listeners each week, Limbaugh transformed talk radio as a titan of the industry, becoming an indispensable voice of the conservative movement. In 2015, Limbaugh was one of few voices on the right to take President Donald Trump’s candidacy seriously in the beginning, helping to catapult Trump’s rise from a reality television New York businessman all the way to the White House.

First Lady Melania Trump presented Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the Republican president’s final State of the Union address last year, one day after the radio host revealed his diagnosis with advanced-stage lung cancer.

“Thank you for your decades of devotion to our country,” Trump said in the prime time address.

Trump dedicated his first post-presidential interview to honoring Limbaugh on Fox News Wednesday.

“He was a fantastic man. He was a fantastic talent,” Trump said.

Others paid tribute to the icon of conservative radio with personal testimonials on Twitter.

Comedian Daniel Whitney, popularly known as Larry the Cable Guy, wrote about listening to Limbaugh in the 1990s while working construction on his Florida home.

“He was a familiar voice in a chaotic world,” Whitney said.

Longtime Fox News political analyst Brit Hume shared how Limbaugh triumphantly broke through media barriers to provide a prominent platform for conservative thought.

“More than any single person, Rush Limbaugh helped break the left’s monopoly in the media. The left is still dominant, but not to the extent it was before he came along,” Hume wrote. “He was a giant.”

Read others below from pundits, politicians, and policymakers who shared their tributes to a titan of American radio:

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