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The New ‘Blues Clues’ Is A Woke Puppy Peddling Gender Identity Propaganda To Children

Blues Clues

“Blues Clues” has taken on a new topic outside the traditional realm of simple numbers, shapes, and letters: social justice activism of gender dysphoria.


The new “Blues Clues” is committed to revealing a lot of clues about the left-wing dogma of gender identity. The cartoon puppy mascot of the educational series teaching children ages 3-5 has taken on a new topic outside the traditional realm of simple numbers, shapes, and letters: woke social justice activism of gender dysphoria.

“P is full of Pride,” the reboot’s alphabet song proclaims alongside images of different pride flags representing pansexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, gender fluid individuals, nonbinary individuals, intersex, and transgender people.

By progressive social justice standards, however, the new show reboot, “Blues Clues & You,” still appears exclusionary by omitting flags representing genderqueers, polysexuals, demiromantic people, polyamorous individuals, and the Black Lives Matter pride flag. It’s unclear, however, whether 3-year-olds with no developed concept of sexuality or arbitrary ideas of gender will take offense.

The new “Blues Clues” has amassed new fans online with fan art painting the puppy mascot as a heroine for LGBT rights, or according to one writer in the New York Times, LGBTQI+ rights. One community in England expanded the acronym to LGBTQQIP2SAA in 2018, to be more inclusive.

Writing for the Post Millenial, Chad Felix Greene, who is also a Federalist senior contributor, highlighted the post below, which depicts Blue, who is a girl, frolicking with her girlfriend from the show, Magenta, as demisexual lesbians while Blue sports a demisexual pride bracelet.

“Demisexual,” Greene explains, “means you’re only sexually attracted to people you’re emotionally bonded with. Certainly, a concept important for pre-school kids to understand.”

“Once again, adults are the ones making decisions about what should matter to children based on their own insecurities and longing for personal vindication,” Greene continues. “They have taken an innocent representation of childhood curiosity and learning and deformed it into a vessel for all of their own narcissistic obsessions with gender and sexuality.”