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John Daniel Davidson: ‘Get Ready For The Love Affair To Continue’ Between Biden And The Corrupt Corporate Media

john davidson

The media is already pushing puff pieces “about Kamala Harris’s shoes, about Joe Biden’s love of ice cream, about how great Dr. Jill Biden is,” Davidson said.


“The love affair is going to continue” between Biden and the corporate media, said Federalist Political Editor John Daniel Davidson during a Fox Business interview with Stuart Varney Wednesday. The American people can expect “1,000 puff pieces to bloom across the media.”

Davidson reminded viewers that the media has already produced a slew of drooling articles “about Kamala Harris’s shoes, about Joe Biden’s love of ice cream, about how great Dr. Jill Biden is.”

“Compare that with the way that Melania Trump was treated by the press and her fashion constantly being criticized,” said Davidson. “Compare that with the hyperbolic and over-the-top coverage we’ve seen for the last four years, the media cheering on a bogus impeachment effort. The media peddling conspiracy theories.”

Jen Psaki, an Obama administration alumn and the newest White House press secretary, “is the same press secretary that openly lied to the press during the Obama administration about negotiations with Iran, and no one cared,” said Davidson. “No one is going to bring that up either. We’ve already seen the press looking forward to ‘reality-based’ White House press briefings with this same press secretary that lied to them during the Obama administration.”

Davidson sees this new “boring media landscape,” replete with overt bias and dishonest reporting, as a problem for networks such as “CNN and MSNBC, who will lose viewers and money.”

The prejudiced corporate media and Democrat officials aren’t just uplifting the Biden administration, they are actively trying to ban, cancel, or fire anyone who staffed, donated to, endorsed, or supported President Trump and his administration.

Davidson pointed to the political director of ABC News, Rick Klein, who recently said that getting rid of Trump is “the easy part,” and the more difficult task will be “cleansing the movement he commands.” The “horrible rhetoric” coming from the media, Davidson said, “is not the kind of language you use in the news business. That is the kind of language you use in authoritarian countries, and it rightly troubles people.”

“We don’t need to cleanse the Trump movement or cleanse the country or deprogram anyone,” Davidson insisted. “We need to learn to live with our differences. That is what democracy is about.”