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CNN Sucked Up To Communist China And Russia To Own Trump, And The Lies Backfired

CNN celebrated the triumphant successes of China and Russia in combatting the novel Wuhan coronavirus, relying on their deceptive government data.


CNN celebrated the triumphant successes of the United States’s largest adversaries evidently controlling the pandemic virus, relying on self-reported data from the oppressive regimes in the early days of the pandemic.

In March, CNN opened a report on the Kremlin’s coronavirus response, lauding the Russian president’s accomplishments in keeping the nation safe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said this week his country managed to stop the mass spread of coronavirus — and that the situation was ‘under control,’ thanks to early and aggressive measures to keep more people from getting the disease. Does Russia have coronavirus under control?

According to information released by Russian officials, Putin’s strategy seems to have worked. The number of confirmed Russian coronavirus cases is surprisingly low, despite Russia sharing a lengthy border with China and recording its first case back in January.

Nowhere in the article, however, did CNN offer genuine skepticism of Russian reporting. Instead, it dismissed concerns that Russian officials were engaged in another Chernobyl-style coverup while touting the country’s testing capabilities as far superior to the U.S.

“In early March, Russia’s Federal Security Service and internet watchdog moved to take down a viral post claiming the real number of coronavirus cases was 20,000 and that the Russian government was covering it up,” the network reported.

On testing, the network praised Russia and admonished American progress. “According to CDC figures, the United States only picked up the pace in testing at the beginning of March, while Russia says it has been testing en masse since early February.”

CNN went on to cite Russian officials and the Chinese-dominated World Health Organization (WHO) as authoritatively refuting opposition claims that government officials were manipulating the figures. “Putin himself addressed the concerns,” CNN wrote.

Several months later, Russian officials have now admitted on Monday that the nation’s death toll is, in reality, three times higher than previously claimed, with more than 186,000 Russians having succumbed to the Wuhan virus. More than 3 million Russians have been infected, giving Russia the fourth-highest caseload in the world, according to the Guardian.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) afforded cover from CNN for its false figures, which the network regurgitated uncritically as fact, despite overwhelming evidence that China had been releasing manipulated data. The Federalist covered China’s malfeasance for months, including herehereherehereherehere, and here.

The Chinese government lied about every aspect of the global crisis, including its origin, while silencing whistleblowers, hiding crucial information from experts, and pushing the WHO into lying about the nature of the virus itself.

The weight that CNN carried for the CCP, which it also used to take shots at the American president, was so great it led Federalist editor Kylee Zempel to pen a piece headlined, “Who Wrote This Pro-Communist China Article? CNN or Xi Jinping?”

CNN’s own reporting several weeks after the election would later acknowledge the Chinese had been deceiving the rest of the world with its publicly reported data. The network claimed to break big news but only unveiled the same kind of conduct already reported.

According to leaked documents from Chinese authorities, verified by six independent experts including a forensic analysis of the files reported by the network, China deliberately underreported the severity of its early coronavirus outbreak in the Hubei province.

China publicly reported 2,478 new coronavirus cases on Feb. 10 in the Hubei province, home to the city of Wuhan, where the virus earned its name as the site of its first major outbreak. Internal documents show, however, that 5,918 new cases had really been detected, more than double what the Chinese revealed.