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2020 Is The Year NeverTrump Finally Admitted They’re NeverRepublican


Of all the grifters on which 2020 has blown cover, NeverTrumpers stand at the top.

What began as a self-righteous crusade to supposedly save the Republican Party from Donald Trump has morphed into an explicit enterprise exposing who they were all along: financial opportunists capitalizing on media-fomented Trump Derangement Syndrome for personal profit while masquerading as white knight Republicans.

More than any other culprit — the Bulwarks, The Dispatches, the legacy papers promoting ex-GOP columnists as “conservative” — the vile con artists at the Lincoln Project reveal the left-wing campaign purportedly about preserving old-school conservatism has nothing to do with conservatism. The fall confirmation battle following the death of liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a prime illustration.

After decades of leftist judges legislating from their benches, the appointment of new Supreme Court justices adhering to a strict interpretation of the Constitution gave conservatives their best chance to cement substantive change for decades. President Trump eased initial skepticism from genuine conservatives by releasing a list of potential names to fill the vacant seat left by conservative Justice Antonin Scalia during the 2016 campaign. That skepticism faded further when the president kept his word, nominating two conservative jurors and then Amy Coney Barrett.

The opening Justice Ginsburg left gave conservatives a rare opportunity to tip the balance of the court ruled for a generation by leftist justices. Twenty-four hours after Ginsburg’s passing, however, the Lincoln Project released a statement slamming the idea that the president and the Senate discharge their constitutional duty in a unified government to fill the seat.

Although no one sensible would predict otherwise from the fraudulent group, its leaders stayed the course even after Barrett’s nomination was announced, although her conservative credentials are and were not in doubt. The selection raised hysteria on the left, amplified by Democrats in the Senate and regurgitated by their NeverTrump allies blasting the nomination as an assault on American institutions.

The Lincoln Project continued its campaign not only against the president in favor of the most radical Democratic presidential ticket in recent American memory but also deployed its vast resources to topple hopes of a Republican Senate serving as any check to a laundry list of far-left items to emerge from the Democrat-controlled House. The group spent more than $67 million to influence various races this cycle. They went after relatively Trump-friendly senators such as Joni Ernst in Iowa, Steve Daines in Montana, and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, but also after Susan Collins in Maine, who is no Trump cheerleader.

The incoming Biden administration, meanwhile, featuring the most leftist senator on its ticket, has already endorsed bans on fracking, the Green New Deal, higher taxes, open borders, sanctuary cities, and late-term abortion. All of this came before the November election. It meant nothing to the “conservative” Never Trumpers shamefully covering themselves in the name of Lincoln. Leftist dreams of a left-wing administration appear on track, too, with the introduction of figures such as Susan Rice and Neera Tanden to the incoming White House.

As the year comes to a close with their primary villain defeated, the movement’s leaders are becoming at least a little more honest while they continue to campaign against Republicans in the Georgia runoffs to deny the GOP a Senate majority even in Trump’s absence.

Earlier this month, Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt announced he is registering Democrat, joining nearly every other co-founder of the project in leaving the Republican Party, including George Conway, Jennifer Horn, and Ron Steslow. Rick Wilson, who appears to not have worked on a Republican campaign in more than a decade but was called a Republican while he bashed Republicans on CNN for years, has also renounced the Republican Party yet is still identified as one in corporate media. Reed Galen, another co-founder of the group who left the Republican Party, acknowledged the true nature of the movement in a December interview with Politico.

“At this point, we’re as much never-Republican as we are anything else,” Galen said.

Yet, for all their deception in the run-up to November, the complicit media loved them. The New Yorker gave the Lincoln Project a glowing October profile. CBS’s “60 Minutes” gave them a special, hosted by Lesley Stahl, who would later dismiss the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden was involved in any scandal at all during her signature interview with President Donald Trump in the final days of the election.

Newspapers jump to cover any new ad released by the GOP-antagonistic group, which is now transforming into a media outlet in its own right, continuing its work for the Democratic Party while legacy publications continue to label them “Republican strategists.”