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Sean Davis: The Hunter Biden Story Has Proven How Irreparably Corrupt Our Media Is

Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis said recent reporting has exposed the extent to which corporate media has become irredeemably corrupt.


Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis said Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that recent reporting this week has exposed the extent to which corporate media has become irredeemably corrupt to the benefit of Democrats after flouting all ethics to protect Joe Biden.

“It’s important that we learned the truth about what’s actually going on with Hunter Biden,” Davis said, “but we’ve actually learned a really important lesson about how irreparably corrupt our media is for the purposes of stealing the election.”

In a statement Wednesday, Hunter Biden admitted a federal tax crime investigation is underway, vindicating those who engaged in journalism during the election by reporting on related blockbuster revelations from the New York Post.

“Big tech tried to shut us down,” Davis said, noting that our Silicon Valley tech overlords were just as guilty. They quickly and persistently suppressed stories from The Federalist, the New York Post, and other outlets reporting on the bombshell revelations from an abandoned Delaware laptop with verified contents merely dismissed as Russian disinformation by the Biden campaign and legacy media.

“For the purposes of stealing the election, they censored news they didn’t like to favor their preferred candidate and now they’re pretending like it all never happened.”

Carlson’s monologue featured a more than 10-minute indictment of the way big tech and big media conspired to protect the Democratic nominee from the scrutiny that comes with a presidential campaign, which, this year, included damning revelations implicating Joe Biden in his son’s potentially criminal overseas business deals.

Even after Joe Biden claimed his first term in the Oval Office, thanks in no small part to big tech interference, coverage of the scandals surrounding him and his son dissipated even though the story became more important with his White House hold. Now that Hunter Biden made a statement about the existing investigation into the corruption allegations, legacy outlets have started to report it after denying it was authentic before election day.

Expecting fair coverage from the same outlets that refused to properly cover the story in the first place appears to be a too-high bar.