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CNN, NBC, CBS, AP All Project Biden Winner Of Presidential Election


Four major news outlets projected on Saturday that Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the the presidential election.

While votes in key states such as Georgia are still being counted, CNN, NBC News, CBS, and the Associated Press project that Biden’s growing lead of at least 35,000 votes in Pennsylvania has secured his spot in the White House.

Projections show Biden with 284 electoral votes, 14 more than the required 270, with the former veep on track to gain 22 more from Nevada and Georgia.

The decision from these networks comes four days after the election, when Americans went to bed without knowing who would be president. Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania have all been delayed in reporting results due to a large amount of mail-in ballots.

Despite these projections from the mainstream media, the Trump campaign believes the battle for the White House is far from over, engaging in litigation in some of the contested states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

President Trump has also contested some of Biden’s victories in certain states, claiming that he “won this election by a lot” and pointing to evidence of mail-in voter fraud, election officials preventing Republican watchers from viewing ballot tallying, and other alleged violations.

Reports began to surface of potential election violations in key areas such as Philadelphia on Tuesday and have continued to grow in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Nevada as the race for the presidency tightened.

Some legal actions have already begun, including a recount in Georgia, the Peach State’s Secretary of State announced Friday. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito also granted the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s request temporarily ordering all counties to keep and count mail-in ballots that arrived after 8 p.m. on Election Day separate from those received before the deadline.