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We’re Supposed To Believe The GOP Had A Great Election Night Except For President?


Since Joe Biden was picked to be the Democratic Party’s presidential puppet, we have been told he would win the presidency by a blowout. Political media has been speculating eagerly about another “blue wave” that would wash over the nation in line with their preposterous polls showing Biden winning by as much as 17 or even more points.

Two weeks before the election, the “nonpartisan” Cook’s Political Report predicted an expanded Democrat majority in the House, a “net gain of five to ten seats to a gain of between five and 15 seats.” On election day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrat campaign chairwoman Rep. Cheri Bustos predicted Democrats “would not only defend gains made in 2018 but flip districts thought to be in safe Republican territory.”

Last week, Democrats told the Washington Post, which described the party as “awash in cash,” they expected to flip as many as 15 House seats on Biden’s presumed presidential coattails. That didn’t happen at all. In fact, the opposite did. Now as localities run by Democrats “count” votes under suspicious circumstances, we are supposed to believe that voters selected coattails detached from a coat?

Republicans have flipped seven U.S. House races so far and Democrats flipped two, according to RealClearPolitics. That narrows Democrats’ hold on the House from 232 to 227, nine more than the majority, even if no more are flipped. Republicans could even ultimately flip 15, as many as Democrats had hoped to.

Republicans had twice as many Senate seats to defend this election than Democrats did, and they currently appear to retain their Senate majority. So far, Democrats have flipped one seat. Far poorer-funded Republicans retained seats Democrats literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars to flip, such as Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

At the state level, USA Today reports, Democrats also failed to flip seats they had targeted, again usually with more money than Republicans. The only gubernatorial flip went from Democrat to Republican, in Montana. In congressional and state House races in Texas, Republicans also retained their majorities despite massive outside funding and high-profile targeting from Democrats.

“Democrats had methodically targeted seat pickup opportunities in several legislative chambers to flip party control in Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas,” USA Today says. “While some statehouse seats are still being tallied, Republicans held onto control of many of those places, notably in North Carolina’s state House and Senate. Texas, considered one of the biggest flip opportunities, also stayed red. Republicans likely will hold key voting majorities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan ahead of reapportionment next year” (emphasis added).

Politico, the voice of establishment Democrat wisdom in DC, headlined its Wednesday Playbook newsletter, “What blue wave?” “Tuesday was an abject disaster for Democrats in Washington,” it said. “…We fielded text after text from Hill Democrats Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning with existential questions about their leadership and the direction of their party. Democrats told us in the weeks and months leading up to Election Day that they were on track to win the majority in the Senate, and they don’t appear poised to do that” despite setting forest fires to campaign cash.

In the end, “Republicans could have a net gain of 10 House seats,” Politico claims, squeezing Democrats’ majority. So far, the only two Democrat House pickups in the country are from redistricting in North Carolina. Republicans will win every “expected to win easily” seat, haven’t lost a single “expected to win narrowly” seat, and are ahead in all but three of the 27 “tossup” races.

Meanwhile, Republicans have already flipped three seats that were supposed to be narrow Democrat wins and are ahead in several others, and may even flip one of the “easy Democrat win” races.

This all means we saw an amazing night for Republicans on Tuesday. Toss atop that eight months of destabilizing coronavirus psychological operations on the American people designed to steal the presidency after other coup methods failed.

Then look at some odd differences between this amazing night for Republicans in downballot races and the incongruent results for Trump in just a few key states — key states that happen to be the ones everyone knew would be crucial to Trump’s path to victory, and all of which began to have “voting irregularities” and pauses in vote counting as Trump appeared to command the lead while closing in on final vote totals.

Biden was projected to win by a significant margin in all of the states on which the election now hangs (all these vote counts were as of Wednesday night and according to RealClearPolitics). There appears to be no relation to polling averages versus actual election night returns — the current vote tallies are in bold at top, to compare to the wildly inaccurate polling averages in the graphs below.

Arizona: Trump 48, Biden 51

Michigan: Trump 48, Biden 49

Pennsylvania: Trump 51, Biden 47

Wisconsin: Trump 49, Biden 49

Now look at basically the same thing going on in other states key to a Trump win, where he was declared the victor Tuesday night. Ohio is especially pertinent as it is in the Midwest, right next to Pennsylvania and Michigan, and Trump got a huge margin of victory there.

Ohio: Trump 53, Biden 45

Florida: Trump 51, Biden 48

Now let’s get a little more granular with a case study of the crucial state Pennsylvania.

Here Republicans also seem to be having a good year on the state level. In the state House, while not all vote tallies are in yet, as many as nine Republicans may unseat Democrat incumbents and five are likely to win races that lacked an incumbent. Democrats appear at best to have mostly retained incumbent seats and so far no flips for them seem to have happened.

In three races for statewide office — auditor general, secretary of state, and treasurer– Republican candidates currently have significant leads over Democrat opponents in Pennsylvania. In U.S. House races in the state, all incumbents seem to have retained their seats except what looks like a good chance for a Republican to flip a Democrat seat in District 10. In the state Senate, again incumbents all won their seats except a Republican flipped a Democrat seat.

All of this adds up to a picture in which, if these very even races tip any way at all, they are tipping Republican. This seems to match the national picture as well.

It would be mystifying if Republicans won more seats in the House, retained the Senate, and picked up state legislative seats, all while the same voters voted against Trump. Trump has solidified his support among Republican voters and enjoys a massive approval rating from them he didn’t have in 2016, and expanded his coalition to more working-class and minority voters this year. This is not a blue wave year. This is a year that the blue wave of 2018 appears to be receding.

Yet we are supposed to believe the same media-Democrat complex that fed us wildly erroneous polls all year, and runs false information operations on us about coronavirus, the Russia hoax, and everything else they can use to steal power, that this blue wave’s evaporation did not at all affect the top of the ticket?