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Conservatives Might Be Surprised By How Gen Z Votes Today


Like many other Zoomers, or members of Generation Z, Tuesday will be my first time voting in a presidential election. About one-in-ten eligible voters will be Zoomers and many have predicted Gen Z, those aged 13 to 21, are in step, or even more leftist than the millennial generation.

However, studies within the last few years have shown that Zoomers are far more fiscally conservative than millennials. For example, numerous polls have found Zoomers to be the most entrepreneurial generation to date. An incredible 54 percent of Gen Z say they want to start their own business.

They are also more financially cautious, having grown up during the Great Recession of 2007- 2009. Seeing their parents and siblings suffer under crippling college debt, a much larger percentage of Zoomers are deferring college to pay upfront or foregoing it altogether to avoid the debt. 

This could be significant, since many attribute socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’s sway with young voters to their indoctrination at American universities. If Gen Zers are choosing to skip college or defer until they are older and presumably wiser, the leftist elites might not have as much influence as they did on millennials. 

This hasn’t seemed to scare leftists, who have always been confident Gen Z holds socially liberal ideals and will be reliable Democrat voters, like millennials. However, a new Pew Research poll shows that voting-age Zoomers tend to be as leftist on social issues, sometimes even slightly less, than millennials. 

Why is this significant? The trend toward leftist social support is either less than or stagnant compared to the previous generation. From the Silent Generation to millennials, the trend toward progressivism has grown in large margins. Also noteworthy is that people tend to become more conservative as they get older. If Gen Z is as progressive as the older Millennials, there is hope that with age they will vote more conservatively.

Take, for example, climate change. When researchers asked respondents if they believed climate change was due to human activity, there was at least a three-point increase in belief from the Silent Generation to millennials, with the largest increase being 8 points from Gen X to millennials. However, from millennials to Zoomers, slightly fewer Gen Zers believe that climate change is due to human activity. 

Approval and disapproval for the NFL protests had steep changes across the generations, with the most significant an 18 point drop in approval from Gen X to the millennials. Gen Z, on the other hand, only has a one-point difference from millennials in their approval and disapproval of the NFL protests. 


There were similar results for gay marriage certificates, with only one percentage point more of Gen Zers approving than millennials. The other generations had far greater percentage point differences.  

This trend is seen on other issues, including single motherhood and transgender pronouns.

The stand-still on social issues could be attributed to conservatives having far more children than liberals. Zoomer’s fiscal conservatism and entrepreneurial spirit, added to the fact that many of them have conservative parents, makes Gen Z a hopeful future voting block for Republicans. 

But, speaking of parents, it would be wrong to ignore what I call Gen Z’s  “other mother.” A Business Insider’s poll found that a horrifying 59 percent of Zoomers listed social media as their top news source. 

Big tech has proven to be slanted toward the left, especially in this past election cycle, with the emergence of “independent fact checkers.” Everything from the Hunter Biden scandal to our every own The Federalist has been censored and suppressed. 

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Some platforms are far worse than notorious Twitter and Facebook, which get most of the attention. For example, Snapchat’s News editorials include only leftists outlets, like NBC, CNN, and NowThis. The approved editorials, only from left-wing outlets, give short and simple news rundowns that provide users a biased and selective take on current events. 

If Zoomers are getting all their news from social media, it’s a wonder their stance on social issues isn’t far more progressive than millennials’. Republicans need to resolve the Big Tech censorship issue with competition and regulatory or legislative reform before Generation Z is lost to their second mother, Silicon Valley oligarchs. 

Gen Zers are not millennials, and the data shows there is hope for them, but only if action is taken now to ensure free speech and a marketplace of ideas in our digital public square. Watch how Zoomers vote today.  It will tell us a lot about America’s future.