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Chelsea Handler: Black People Like 50 Cent Aren’t Allowed To Vote For Trump

On ‘The Tonight Show,’ Chelsea Hander said she ‘had to remind [rapper 50 Cent] that he was a black person so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.’


It’s become clear that when leftist media obsess about any incident involving a white, conservative-leaning individual and a minority, the white conservative will be dubbed guilty of some type of racism. From a high school boy being torn apart by the media after a Native American beat his drum in his face to Tucker Carlson being called racist for mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s name, right-wingers are frequently in danger of being crucified for racism they never intended.

Yet when white liberals make statements about minorities that suggest they ought to fall in line with stereotypes about their race instead of thinking and reasoning as intelligent individuals, leftists don’t bat an eye. A Democratic presidential candidate, for example, informs black individuals that if they haven’t resolved to vote for him, they’re unworthy of their own skin color.

Chelsea Handler appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon and declared that when her ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent, publicly announced his plan to vote for Trump, she “had to remind him that he was a black person so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.”

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, recently tweeted that due to Joe Biden’s high-tax plan, he was aligning with Trump. Handler responded by tweeting that she would pay his taxes “in exchange for you coming to your senses.”

Before 50 Cent replied, Handler made her “Tonight Show” appearance, emphatically stating that she saw it as her duty to set her ex straight on account of his skin color: “He shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.”

To put things in the kindest construction for Handler, let’s assume she wants her ex to influence his fans who are black and poverty-stricken to vote for the candidate she believes will more effectively look out for their welfare. But even in that case, she’s dead wrong. In his four years as a politician, Trump has done more for impoverished black communities than Biden has in his almost half-century political career.

For example, back in 2017, Trump signed an executive order to renew White House contributions to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Prior to his presidency, little had been done to ensure these universities received the funding necessary to properly educate and comfortably house their primarily African-American student bodies.

Then there’s an executive order he signed pushing federal agencies to build their infrastructure in opportunity zones. These zones comprise low-income, inner-city, historically black areas. As a result, about half a million new jobs were created for those citizens.

The list goes on. It’s unfortunate that the left continues to push its narrative that Trump is a white supremacist, despite innumerable instances in which he’s proven otherwise. But what’s even more unfortunate is when Democrats like Handler turn a blind eye to the bigotry of Biden’s administration, and tell black Americans they are race traitors if they don’t vote the way she wants.

But black Americans are not stupid and, despite efforts by people like Handler to tell them how to think, they’re able to decide for themselves which candidate will more effectively serve their country. More and more black Americans are concluding that Trump is the better candidate, especially as black celebrities publicize their support for him and his efforts in their communities.

It’s up to black Americans and their God-given ability to think for themselves to decide how to cast their ballots. Voting for Biden is certainly a freedom they have. But voting for Trump is, too, and it’s disgusting when individuals, especially high-profile influencers like Handler, reprimand them for coming to their own conclusions.