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Breaking News Alert House Speaker Kills Effort To Stop The Feds From Spying On Americans Without A Warrant

Abortion Fanatic Wendy Davis Also Wants To Grab Your Guns

Hard-left Democrat Wendy Davis is about more than leaving the unborn defenseless from murderers. She’s also about leaving innocent adults defenseless from murderers.


It is well-known that Texas House candidate Wendy Davis is a favorite of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the left. The major abortion organizations Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List rank among her top supporters. What isn’t as clear to the patriotic people of central Texas is that she is coming for your guns.

Davis wants this to fly under the radar, knowing Texas is the most pro-Second Amendment state in the nation. To mask her disdain for gun ownership, she uses innocent-sounding terms like “gun safety” and “common sense” to refer to gun-grabbing laws she supports, laws intended to disarm law-abiding Americans. She’s also supported by the top three anti-gun lobbying organizations in America.

While refusing to seriously condemn the violence and looting that is being advanced by radical leftist groups like Antifa, or to seriously support our law enforcement, let us briefly remind ourselves what it is that is at stake and the situations that Davis would subject us all to if her radical agenda were allowed to advance. We know. We both faced horrifying assaults from evil men that required good people to have guns to fight back.

What Happens When Only Bad Guys Have Guns

I (Hupp) faced a mass shooter up close, in a tragic series of events that culminated in both my parents being killed and my own narrow escape. Here is how I told part of the harrowing story to the state legislature.

“As we finished lunch and my friend got up to check on things in the kitchen, this pickup truck came crashing through the floor-to-ceiling window where we normally sat. It came to rest about 15 feet from us after knocking over a number of tables and injuring several people.

“Of course, we all thought it was an accident, and I began to rise to go help the people that he had knocked over. But as I began to stand up, we heard gunshots. Immediately, my dad and I got down on the floor and turned the table up in front of us. Mom got down behind us. I continued to hear shooting on the opposite side of the truck. It took a good 45 seconds…which is an eternity, to realize that he was just there to execute people.

“As he made his way around the front of the truck, I watched as he leveled his gun on the head of a person crouched beneath him. He pulled the trigger. Then he calmly walked to the next person, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. It was then that I thought, ‘I’ve got him!’

“I reached for my purse on the floor next to me. I had a perfect place to prop my shooting hand, and I have hit much smaller targets at much greater distances. Then I realized that a few months earlier I had made the stupidest decision of my life. I had begun to leave my gun in my car because at that time, in the state of Texas, concealed-carry laws did not exist.

“I was concerned about getting caught with it. I did what most normal people would do: I wanted to obey the law and certainly didn’t want to lose my license to practice my livelihood. I never thought I’d need it in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

“I remember looking around for something to use as a weapon, and thinking, ‘Great, what do I do now? Throw a salt shaker at him?’ I can’t begin to get across to you how incredibly frustrating it is to sit there, like a fish in a barrel, and wait for it to be your turn, with no hope of defending yourself.” Yet this is the kind of situation that Davis’s preferred laws would place more people: defenseless against murderers while waiting for the police to arrive.

Banning Guns Only Helps Bad People

I, Stephen Willeford, found myself in another desperate situation as I heard gunshots ringing out inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Confronting and hitting the shooter with my rifle, I then pursued the shooter until police arrived, preventing more senseless deaths.

All the police departments that were around my church, all of them are great people, they were coming just as fast as they could, but they say that they were five to seven minutes estimated behind me, and my community didn’t have five to seven minutes to wait. The lesson reinforced that day for me was simple: Infringing on the rights of good guys with guns does nothing to stop the bad guys with guns. In fact, it helps them.

Davis’s Agenda Is Anti-Constitution

Davis says on her campaign’s website that she is concerned about the “proliferation of handgun violence.” That phraseology is typically “code” for supporting a ban on handguns, despite the fact that studies have historically shown they are used defensively many times more frequently than in criminal acts.

Davis is endorsed by BradyPAC, a political action committee connected to an anti-gun activist group that has called for “a ban on the manufacture, sale, and importation of all handguns and handgun ammunition” and a law “to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition . . . totally illegal.”

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller that banning handguns would violate the Constitution, stating that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for defense, and handguns are the type of firearm the American people most commonly keep for that purpose. But Democrats have vowed to overturn the Heller ruling and would easily be able to do so if they carry out their threat to increase the number of seats on the Supreme Court and pack them with leftwing activist justices.

Gun Registration Always Leads to Gun Confiscation

Davis also says she supports a ban on handgun and rifle ammunition magazines that are commonly used for self-defense and are therefore most commonly relied upon by everyday Americans and law enforcement officers alike. This cannot be to anyone’s surprise, of course, since the most obvious political reality in America today is that Democrats as a whole support the rioters who are attacking police, burning, looting, and ripping down statues in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and other Democrat-led cities around the country.

Davis also supports banning the manufacture of the kind of rifles that are most effective for an entire range of self-defense situations. She does not say outright whether she agrees with Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who have said that the government should confiscate these rifles from the millions of Americans who own them. But voters will likely not be fooled by Davis’s calculated ambiguity on that question.

Davis has said she supports imposing so-called “universal background checks.” To the casual observer, saying she is in favor of “checks” might seem reasonable. We would all like to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. But as has been explained in detail here, “universal checks” are part of a multi-step plan to turn the gun purchase background check system into a de facto gun registry. And gun registration is always a precursor to gun confiscation.

Despite the pro-Democrat media lies, the current elections are ultimately about two competing ideologies. One of those ideologies favors killing the unborn and preventing the rest of us from defending ourselves from radicals bent on destroying our American way of life. The alternative is to preserve American exceptionalism and our position as a grand example of freedom that millions around the world would risk their lives to obtain.