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The Left Warns Biden: Stop Talking About A Fracking Ban

Biden’s unstable and ever-shifting stance on fossil fuels is making Democrats and their media institutions nervous.


Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden said he wants to ban fracking and the left is panicking.

While Biden has since denied ever claiming that he wants to ban fracking, saying at Thursday night’s third presidential debate, “I never said I oppose fracking,” the evidence is clear.

In addition to completely denying his previous statements, Biden also boldly proclaimed that he would effectively end the oil industry.

“Would you close down the oil industry?” President Donald Trump pressed just before their closing statements.

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden replied.

Biden’s unstable and ever-shifting stance on fossil fuels is taking an effect on his voters, especially those in key states such as Pennslyvania with large oil and gas industries, and it’s making the Democrats and their institutions nervous.

A poll signaling a “significant movement away from a fracking ban, support for which dropped seven points, from 46 percent before the debates to 39 percent after them” prompted the leftist publication The Nation to publish an article urging Biden to “stop talking about fracking.”

“While Data for Progress has observed that voters, in fact, support Biden’s plan for a massive investment in clean-energy jobs and do not believe Trump and Republicans’ Green New Deal smears, a key sticking point on the issue of fracking remains,” the article reads.

The article, clearly attempting to cover for Biden by excluding facts, also echoed the weak defenses promoted by the Biden Campaign, Democrats, and the mainstream media in claiming, “Biden and Harris have made it clear on multiple occasions that they would not ban fracking,” even though they have stated otherwise multiple times.

The mainstream media’s coverup of Biden’s comments also signals that his stance and delivery on fracking is a losing one.

While CNN presented what appeared to be an accurate fact-check on Biden’s flip-flop on fracking, the conclusion they reached was that Biden merely made “anti-fracking comments” during the Democratic primaries.

Instead of showing the countless other examples of Biden’s fracking contradictions, they instead tried to make an open and shut case of Biden’s comments, sweeping them under the rug with a half-hearted fact-check.

Twitter also featured the issue on its moments page, citing the Biden Campaign’s clean up statement after Biden’s opposition to fracking resurfaced at the debate.

VP Nominee Kamala Harris also tried to defend Biden following the debate, claiming that Trump takes things out of context.

“Joe Biden is not going to ban fracking,” Harris said.

“What Joe was talking about was banning subsidies,” she added, ignoring her own anti-fossil fuel track record.