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Twitter Censors Again: Blocks Second New York Post Story On Hunter Biden Seeking Cash From Chinese Firm

After Wednesday’s Orwellian purge, Twitter blocks a second story from the New York Post on Hunter Biden’s deal with one of China’s largest energy companies.


Twitter continued its purge of the New York Post’s string of bombshell stories about Hunter Biden by censoring their most recent reporting: an article outlining how the former vice president’s son pursued deals with one of China’s largest energy companies in an attempt to cash in “for me and my family.”

The New York Post story alleges that some of the Chinese executives involved in the deal “had ties to the Chinese military and intelligence service.”

“Unbelievable. Yesterday, @twitter blocks links to @nypost story alleging Joe Biden corruption on China. TODAY, blocking links to ANOTHER NYPost story alleging Hunter Biden sold access to communist China for millions. I just tried to share that story. Here’s Twitter’s response,” Cruz wrote. 

When users attempt to share the link or click on the link, a message from Twitter reads “Warning: this link may be unsafe.”

According to the notification, the link to the Post’s story could be a “malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices, spammy link that mislead people or disrupt their experience, violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm, or certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules.”

Despite Twitter’s previous claims that the information the New York Post obtained violated their hacked materials, these articles reveal documents that were turned in on a laptop willingly given to a repair shop.

Twitter began censoring the Post’s story about Hunter on Wednesday, shortly after it was published, by preventing users from sharing or sending the article link.

The big tech company also suspended the Post’s Twitter account along with other prominent and verified users such as Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s personal account and the Trump Campaign, after they shared information and links related to the Post’s story.