Joe Biden Forgets Name Of 2012 Opponent, Dubs Mitt Romney The ‘Mormon’

Joe Biden Forgets Name Of 2012 Opponent, Dubs Mitt Romney The ‘Mormon’

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of his 2012 opponent Monday and instead referred to former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as simply, the “Mormon.”

“You may remember,” Biden said when telling reporters he was opposed to Senate Democrats taking aim at Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith, “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor.”

Romney, who had previously been governor of Massachusetts led the GOP ticket eight years ago with then-Republican Rep. Paul Ryan against President Barack Obama and Biden. Romney now serves as the freshman senator from Utah since his election in 2018, where he has been a consistent thorn in the upper chamber for the Trump administration. The former presidential nominee was the sole Republican in the Senate to cast a vote for the president’s conviction in the Democrats’ partisan impeachment over a phone call.

Romney decisively lost the 2012 election 332 to 206 electoral votes to Obama and Biden.

The former vice president and now 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s gaffe marks the latest in a long line of slip-ups plaguing the campaign that repeatedly call into question Biden’s age and ability to command the Oval Office for the next four years starting at 77-years-old. If sworn in, Biden would be the oldest president ever to assume the office.

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