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Democrats’ Election Plans Are Far More Radical Than The Media Will Tell You


Democrats are planning a collection of unnecessary, dangerous, and wildly unpopular election changes for November, and you’d never even hear about it if you only read corporate media. A recent interview between President Trump and Axios journalist Jonathan Swan goes a long way toward exposing what’s going on.

In it, the president alleged Democrat politicians in California plan to send unrequested mail-in ballots to every voter in the state. He then began discussing the security issues implicit in blasting off more than 20 million ballots based on outdated and inaccurate voter rolls.

Swan quickly interrupted, insisting Trump’s claims were false, and that applications were of course needed to receive a ballot. In an extraordinary display, he interrupted the president five times in less than a minute, again and again insisting’s Trump’s argument was false.

“They send applications, not ballots.”

“You have to apply for mail-in. It’s the same thing (as absentee voting).”

“Applications. You download them.”

“No, they’re not. Its applications.”

Flustered, the president eventually moved on to his next point.

The problem? Trump was right, and Swan was wrong. Last month, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a requirement that ballots be sent to every registered voter in the state, and mandated that polling places accept ballots up to 17 days late.

The decision came despite the state’s longstanding problems with inactive, out of state, and even dead residents staying on voter rolls. In its investigations, Judicial Watch has found more than 3.5 million “ghost voters” on the rolls, a problem that is still only partially resolved.

Seven days after the interview, Swan wrote a short apology on his social media account, conceding that states were indeed sending out ballots, not applications.

None of this is to say Swan was a liar. The fact that he apologized is commendable, and suggests he genuinely didn’t know what Democrats were doing. Rather, his mistake highlights the problem spot-on. As Democrats are spared hard questions from corporate media in the run-up to November, they’ve gotten away with passing a range of outlandish election plans that are hugely unpopular with the American public, without almost anyone knowing about them.

And California is only the tip of the iceberg.

Ballots Here, There, and Everywhere

Sending millions of ballots across states based on outdated voter rolls is just one of numerous controversial ideas being signed into law by Democrats while the media covers for them.

Ballot harvesting, a controversial practice wherein political operatives are allowed to go door-to-door gathering votes, is another. It’s a system even the Los Angeles Times states “open(s) the door to coercion or fraud.” It’s opposed by 84 percent of independents and a remarkable 76 percent of Democrats. It also raises safety concerns when the same political operative goes to dozens of homes.

Another strategy is removing signature verification for mailed-in votes. It’s a simple way to test whether the person who filled out a ballot is who he says he is. This safety step is also immensely popular across the political spectrum, with 84 percent of voters support requiring signatures to match those on file.

Yet none of these ethical problems nor the popular opposition to their plans have stopped Team Pelosi. In their latest 1,800-page “coronavirus” spending bill, Democrats quietly slipped in all three: legalization of ballot harvesting, removing signature verification, and mandating millions of ballots launched across the nation like in California.

It’s not difficult to imagine the consequences of blasting off millions of ballots that don’t need to be verified with signatures and can be collected by any old political operative.

While Republicans appear to have shot this attempt down in Congress, matching attempts are now being made on the state level across the country. On Sunday, Democrats in Nevada pushed through legislation matching California’s, which also legalized ballot harvesting. In Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, Democrats and other organizations are quietly pushing to legalize ballot harvesting.

Clearly, each of these practices is considered deeply suspicious by the American public as a whole. But instead of questioning or indeed even defending these ideas, the media has abandoned covering them entirely. Needless to say, voters can’t punish politicians for actions they don’t know about. Since this is all happening before an election that is being set up to be rife with fraud, any fraud can also shield the politicians from voters’ punishment for attempts at increasing vote corruption.

In the place of this story is a simplistic narrative lifted straight from former President Obama’s stump speech at Rep. John Lewis’ funeral. It’s a story with bad guys on the right “doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting” by “attacking our voting rights with surgical precision.” Democrats, then, can be framed as the reasonable folk just trying to give people more options to use their liberties.

There’s no room in this story for widespread, questionable election tactics from the left. And there’s certainly no room to discuss what the implications of these measures will mean for the integrity of election results come November. So when you hear self-applauding speeches from politicians on the left celebrating their heroic stand for election integrity, remember what they’re doing under the table.