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Daughter Of Captive Uyghur Outlines China’s Human Rights Offenses

“I think people don’t have enough understanding…the actual level is people getting bitten, even bitten to death,” Jewher Illham said. 



On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, author and Uyghur human rights activist Jewher Illham joined host Ben Domenech to discuss her personal experience fighting to expose the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uyghur people. Illham is creating a documentary to raise awareness of the human rights abuses in China by amplifying survivors’ voices, which you can support here.

Illham, whose father was imprisoned seven years ago following his attempt to create an unbiased social media platform, argues that very few people both inside and outside of China are aware of the human rights offenses taking place. Uyghur people are faced into different levels of camps, including some that are solely used for torture.

“I think people don’t have enough understanding of the level of things Uyghurs are going through. When they see forced labor, they relate to people not getting paid, people just work there. But the actual level is people getting beaten, even beaten to death,” she said.

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