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A Timeline Of The Many Sexual Assault Accusations Against Director Bryan Singer


Bryan Singer is famous for two things: bringing the X-Men to film and hosting pool parties filled with underaged boys. The director has been facing allegations of sexual harassment and assault for nearly his entire career, and his pool parties as a source of sexual exploitation are an open secret in Hollywood. However, none of the allegations have stuck until recently, as his career has flourished despite several lawsuits.

Yesterday, YouTuber, comedian, and musican Elijah Daniel took to Twitter detailing his experiences with the director, whom he alleges runs a sex ring. Daniel came forward to share a petition for the FBI to investigate Singer for his alleged targeting of boys and young men. He detailed his own alleged recruitment to warn other young aspiring celebrities, so others may know what behavior to note as troubling.

Daniel claimed that, in 2015 (when he was 21), he was approached by friends of Singer on social media and dating apps. He says these men attempted to invite him to parties, clubs, and vacations, while pretending to be significantly younger than they were. These alleged recruiters were incredibly pushy in efforts to meet up with Daniel and set him up with Singer, according to the posted screenshots.

Both generalized rumors and specific accusations of harassment and assault have followed the director since 1997. Currently, Singer has never been convicted of sexual assault, nor has a judge awarded victory to any plaintiffs in the myriad lawsuits.

1997 Lawsuit

In the film “Apt Pupil,” there is a scene in which several young adolescent boys shower after gym. The underaged actors were supposed to have specific underwear for the scene, but shortly before rolling, they were instructed to remove all of their clothing, and some complied.

A 14-year-old extra refused, and his parents sued, along with several other underaged actors, claiming the boys were filmed for the director’s sexual gratification. Reports vary as to whether the suits were dismissed for insufficient evidence or settled outside of court.

2014 Lawsuits

Child actor Michael Egan filed a civil suit against Singer for rape. He alleged that, in 1999, he was lured onto several vacations to Hawaii under claims of discussing movie roles. There, the then-17-year-old was allegedly plied with drugs and alcohol and regularly raped. Singer denied the allegations, with his lawyer showing evidence that he was not even in Hawaii on the dates in question. He even considered countersuing Egan for the allegations. The suit was ultimately dismissed.

The same year, Singer and his associate Gary Goddard faced another civil suit for assault and attempted rape, this time from an anonymous plaintiff going by John Doe 117. John Doe claims Goddard reached out to him at age 14, under the guise of career advice and discussing film roles, with the online relationship becoming sexual when Doe was 15.

Doe alleged that Goddard and Singer invited him when he was 17 to the “Superman Returns” premiere, where they lured him to their hotel room and there attempted to initiate a sexual encounter. When he demurred, Doe claimed they brought in a man to beat him to force compliance. The suit against Singer was dropped by the plaintiff, and a judge dismissed the suit against Goddard.

2017 Lawsuit

Days after Singer was fired from directing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Caesar Sanchez-Guzman filed suit against Singer for rape, with the same attorney who had represented John Doe 117 three years before. Sanchez-Guzman alleges that Singer forced him to perform oral sex before raping him during a yacht party in 2003, when Sanchez-Guzman was 17. While Singer once again denied the charges, he settled for $150,000 with the bankruptcy trustee appointed for Sanchez-Guzman.

2019 Allegations

In 2019, The Atlantic ran a lengthy story detailing Singer’s history of sexual abuse allegations. In their investigation, the reporters discovered several other accusers. Some claim rape, others seduction, but the accusations indicate a pattern of grooming and abusing young men.

The most shocking of the allegations is of a molestation of a 13-year-old on the set of “Apt Pupil.” The tamest included alleged consensual seductions of 15- to 17-year-old boys, knowing they were under the 18-year age of consent in California. But even the more consensual alleged encounters were fueled with drugs, alcohol, and blurred lines.

Digital Entertainment Network (DEN)

Singer was an investor in this disgraced multimedia internet company. The company’s founders, Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley, and Brock Pierce, were all accused of serial sexual assault. It eventually became clear that the company threw lavish parties in which many underaged men were allegedly assaulted by the three and other well-connected Hollywood men. Collins-Rector was convicted of child enticement and is now a registered sex offender.

Singer was never named in the lawsuits against DEN, nor did he face criminal charges. However, the allegations of a sex ring providing underage boys to wealthy and powerful men in the entertainment industry is eerily similar to the DEN parties.