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New Poll Shows Americans Deeply Unhappy, Which Is What Happens When You Lock Them Up And Call Them Racist


A new poll out Tuesday shows Americans are the unhappiest they’ve been in 50 years. No kidding, that’s what happens when the government locks everyone up for 10 weeks and calls them all irredeemably racist while anarchists light the cities on fire.

The survey by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago was conducted at the end of May with a majority of the interviews done before the George Floyd riots began, but the data offers a further glimpse into the impact recent events have had on the American psyche.

According to the May 21-29 poll, just 14 percent of American adults said they were “very happy,” down from 31 percent in 2018. As far as social distancing goes, 23 percent said they felt isolated in 2019, compared to 50 percent who say so now.

As polarization over the country’s deepest divides on race reach new heights amid the 21st century woke revolution under tight pandemic lockdowns, these metrics of social isolation have likely only increased while Americans remain deeply dissatisfied with the state of the nation. Eighteen percent said they lacked companionship, which is up from 10 percent in 2018, and 30 percent reported losing their temper more often during the pandemic, compared to just 20 percent who said the same after 9/11.

The psychological stress of pandemic lockdowns had already been well-documented, with 1 in 3 Americans showing signs of clinical anxiety and depression linked to the public health emergency raising fears among experts about the exacerbation of an already existing mental health crisis.

In the nearly three weeks since the newest survey from the University of Chicago had been taken however, a nation in peril has continued to deteriorate under the rising tide of woke progressives launching an American version of the French Revolution, suppressing any dissent to the creed of “Black Lives Matter” with radical demands.

Floyd’s death in the custody of Minneapolis police sparked outrage across the country with protests that began out of earnest to demand justice for Floyd which quickly morphed into an all out cultural civil war featuring left-wing riots terrorizing cities and burning minority communities in the name of social justice.

The contemporary civil rights movement has now embraced fringe measures gone mainstream where even the slightest opposition can provoke the Jacobian mob to exile those not enthusiastically on board with the new world order in a new age of cancel culture.

While Americans remain banned from church as the mob burns down the church, it’s no wonder Americans are so unhappy. Now they’re being called racist at every turn, from their Kellogg’s box being discriminatory to their favorite classics being vilified, even if they feature prominent success stories of black actors. Americans can’t even watch television shows on cops and risk being condemned as racist from their neighbors for not posting black boxes on their social media profiles to declare their support with the latest Marxist movement. And no one would ever dare say “all lives matter,” (which includes black lives by the way), because that can get them fired.

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The new racial binary is tearing the nation apart, and worse, it’s making Americans hate their own country.

According to a new Gallup poll on Monday, patriotic pride has reached a record low, with only 63 percent of U.S. adults reported being either “very proud” or “extremely proud” to be American.

It seems the progressive left’s mission to rebrand the nation as an irredeemably racist empire built for the sole purpose to oppress minorities appears to be working.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out earlier this month shows 80 percent of American voters believe the United States has spun out of control. The other 20 percent must not be paying attention.