Leftist Governor Says Colorado Is Open For Baseball

Leftist Governor Says Colorado Is Open For Baseball

Colorado’s Democrat Gov. Jared Polis told The Athletic Monday the state will be open for baseball once Major League Baseball (MLB) hammers out a deal with the players to return to the field.

“We need our national pastime,” Polis said over the weekend, according to KOAA News5 in southern Colorado. “We need our sports. I know it’s a financial hit. The players and the owners are sharing that hit. But as a consumer, as someone who watched baseball — I’m a big Rockies fan — I hope they can get it together and make it happen.”

The MLB is currently in negotiations with players weary of return, citing concerns about contracting the novel Wuhan coronavirus. The league recently published a 67-page health-and-safety protocol outlining standard precautions teams must take throughout the pandemic to ease player anxieties while also negotiating pay cuts after the delayed season cost the franchise billions in lost revenue.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also expressed a desire to bring back America’s pastime earlier this month, telling a Louisville radio station he recently spoke with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred asking when and how baseball could re-emerge.

“I called the commissioner of baseball a couple weeks ago and said, ‘America needs baseball. It’s a sign of getting back to normal. Any chance?” McConnell said.

Manfred said the league could lose an estimated $4 billion without the return of the season this year.

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