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If Girls Want To Be ‘Candid’ About Abortion On TikTok, They Should Livestream It All

It’s hard to know where to begin here. With the weird and sick trend of abortion-happy posts on the social media platform saturated with young Gen Zers?


This article deals with sensitive information that may be traumatizing especially for postabortive men and women and those who have experienced miscarriage. My heart goes out to you. You can heal.

Pro-life activist Lila Rose says Twitter forced her to remove a viral video she reposted of a young woman celebrating her Planned Parenthood abortion on the social media platform TikTok.

Here’s Rose’s original tweet:

Insider summarized the TikTok video this way:

The user @cpcake21 posted a 20-second clip, which began with an apparently positive pregnancy test belonging to her friend Ashley. The girl shows off her stomach before the video follows them to a Planned Parenthood clinic, where they point out a solemn couple in the waiting room before cutting to Ashley on the table in a medical gown.

The video, which was posted from a now-private profile but posted in some tweets, is overall lighthearted. Set to a remix of Bruno Mars’ ‘It Will Rain,’ Ashley nervously laughs and fist pumps before she’s in the exam room.

See the video here (it was ultimately taken off TikTok after going viral there):

Then, tweeting the Insider writeup, New York Times social media reporter Taylor Lorenz had this to say:

It’s hard to know where to begin. With what look like teenagers joyfully making the choice to have their wombs suctioned out or induced with a miscarriage? With the weird and sick trend of abortion-happy posts on the social media platform saturated with young Gen Zers? With a “reporter” who has a huge platform encouraging murderous and self-damaging behavior among teen girls?

Let’s just go with the transparency angle. You want “open and candid” information about a major medical decision that ends a life you created? Great. Let’s livestream it. The whole thing. Not just the fist-pump, but also the entire ultrasound the abortionist is watching while he suctions out the baby, or the blood and tiny body pouring into the toilet after an abortion pill while the young mother vomits and sobs. Go ahead. Be “transparent.”

I dare any mainstream media outlet or abortion organization to go full transparent. To preserve the mom’s privacy, you don’t have to show her face. Just show the procedure. Nothing to hide, right? Everything to celebrate, right? Own that rhetoric. Prove it’s true.

Of course, they won’t. Because all the “shout your abortion” and “abortion parties” nonsense is a web of lies attempting to conceal one of the most grotesque national sins Americans have ever allowed our government to sanction. Here, from Right to Life of Northeast Indiana, is part of 26-year-old Leslie’s story of what happened when she took the abortion pills that comprise RU-486 (trigger warning):

It was the second day that I experienced the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. The experience wasn’t just a heavy period. I was bleeding like I never knew possible. And the cramps were not just severe, I thought I was dying because they were so intense. I was crying hysterically and begging to die because the pain was more than I could handle. I was sweating like crazy and on the toilet while throwing up too. I was in my bed for a day straight and told my family members that I was extremely sick feeling too ashamed to tell what really was happening.

…It was the third day when I finally had enough energy to shower. I felt so dirty and shameful that I couldn’t wait to clean myself. It was the first time I had stood for more than a minute and I was starting to feel a little bit better by then. I got about halfway through my shower when I started to bleed again. I bled so much that it clogged the drain. It was in that moment, me trying to cleanse myself from my sin of the abortion that the truth was exposed. It was the ‘blood clot’ or the ‘blob of tissue’ that the clinic talked about. It was my baby that was clogging the drain of the shower. I had to turn off the water, get out and clean it up myself and then I flushed it down the toilet. It was even more horrifying than it sounds.

If you’ve never seen a baby at seven weeks old, in the range when most abortions are performed, check out this YouTube video of an ultrasound of a seven-week unborn baby. She has a heartbeat, a specific sex, tiny arms and legs, and developing face, pancreas, and liver.

How do I know? I saw my son with all those things at seven weeks, no bigger than a marble. He was already rolling around in there, too. He’s now nine, and the light of my life. Like many women who abort, I did not anticipate happiness when he showed up, but I was wrong.

These are the babies the mothers who take an abortion pill will find in their bathtub or toilet. These are the babies whose body parts abortionists suck out with a vacuum.

If you want women to be truly “open and candid” about what abortion does to them, let alone to their babies, hear a few of their voices. Like TikTok, the organization Silent No More also shares testimonies from postabortive women. Watch a few if you really want to hear women being “open and candid.”

According to the Food and Drug Administration, which approved the early abortion drugs that starve children to death within their mother’s wombs, these testimonies of pain are not at all anomalies. They are common.

The foam on the top here is Republicans promising over and over that they’re against state-sponsored genocide and failing to get a bill to protect live survivors of abortion through the Senate again. Besides, you know, still forcing you and me to pay for it.