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The Best And Worst Of ‘The Bachelor’s’ Revolve Fashion Show

Episode two of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ featured a group date in which eight ladies competed in a fashion show for a chance to win a new wardrobe and Peter’s heart.


Episode two of ABC’s “The Bachelor” featured a group date in which eight ladies competed in a fashion show. The show was in collaboration with Revolve, a clothing company that seeks out former Bachelor contestants to represent and promote their clothing.

The fashion show was judged by former “Queer Eye” co-host Carson Kressley, model Janice Dickinson, and Revolve’s chief brand officer Raissa Gerona. The winner got a new wardrobe of at least 40 large shopping bags filled with clothing.

The women got to pick out two outfits to display: an “everyday” outfit and an evening outfit. Some were adorable and some were tragic.

Here are the best and worst of “The Bachelor” and Revolve fashion show.

The Best: Mykenna’s Sequin Top

Mykenna rocked a “Lovers + Friends” Shaline sequin top paired with high-rise skinny jeans with knee slits. The outfit was flirty with the one-shoulder look, but unlike other girls in the competition, it actually stuck to the theme: “everyday outfit.”

Mykenna’s is a perfect combo top that can be paired with a pair of jeans for an everyday look, or with a black skirt for a bolder “night out” look.

The Worst: Kelsey’s Peace Sign Body Suit

Kelsey wore Revolve’s Brad Bodysuit also paired with jeans. The stitching in the middle of the body suit actually looks like a hippie peace sign that girls stick on their middle school expandable folders. Kelsey’s bland outfit did not reflect the dramatic mood she displayed in Episode 2.

Kressley perfectly described Kelsey’s body suit as a good meal that didn’t have any salt or pepper.

The Best: Hannah Ann’s Wedding Dress

Hannah Ann wanted to be bold, and that’s exactly what she portrayed when she walked down the runway in what looked like a wedding dress. The Lady Gown looked fabulous on Hannah Ann’s olive skin and gave Peter a quick glimpse into what his future with her could be like.

The Worst: Lexi’s Cheetah Boots On Pale Legs

Lexi decided to pair jean shorts with these fabulous cheetah boots. The shorts and boots are darling separately, but together, not so much. Lexi’s pale skin tone and adorable ginger hair would have benefitted from either a dark black pant to pair with the boots or some self-tanner.

The Best: Victoria F’s Shorts

For Victoria F’s “everyday outfit,” she rocked Revolve’s black Julius Jumpsuit and Jerry Belt paired with simple jean shorts. The best part of Victoria F’s outfit? Her shorts. Because, unlike other contestants, her bottom actually fit inside her shorts.

The Worst: Alexa’s Booty Shorts

Alexa paired Revolve’s Ari Bralette with the Rhea Blazer, which was already a terrible choice. The zebra print on the bralette clashed with the plaid print on the blazer. She then added shorts that exposed just about everything.

“Oh my g-d, her -ss is hanging out,” Dickinson said when Alexa arrived on stage.

Advice to all you ladies out there: men like a little mystery. Alexa took all the mystery out when she walked across stage half naked in what she deemed an “everyday outfit.”

The Best: Hannah Ann’s Hat

If this wasn’t the cutest fashion moment of the night, then I don’t know what was. Hannah Ann picked out Revolve’s Brixton Fiddler Cap, in which she looked absolutely adorable.

The Worst: What Hannah Ann Paired Her Hat With

Hannah Ann’s hat was so cute, and so was her outfit. But together, they just didn’t mesh well. The hat is super casual, and she paired it with a chic, sparkly outfit. She wore Revolve’s Rhode Cropped Cami Top in hot pink paired with a golden, shimmery mini skirt.

Separately, the outfit was adorable and the hat was adorable. Together, I was not a big fan.

The Best: The Final Dress

At the end of the competition, the judges singled out two girls to compete for the prize — Hannah Ann and Victoria F. The final dress was undeniably stunning. While it gives off a little bit of a burlesque-club vibe, the dress would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve look. It’s not just me who loves the look either, as in less than 24 hours, the dress sold out.

The Worst: Victoria F’s Strip Show

Victoria F paired Revolve’s Emilia bodysuit, an already scandalous top, with nothing. She wore a black trench coat as a dress when she first entered the stage. She looked classy and fabulous then. At the end of the runway, she decided to strip out of her trench coat and into just the body suit, which she turned into lingerie.

“If this doesn’t show confidence, then I don’t know what does,” Victoria F said.

Some real confidence would probably show Peter that she was confident. Throughout the entire fashion show experience, Victoria F explained how uncomfortable she felt in her own skin. She tried to “wow” Peter not with her confidence and poise, but by stripping into lingerie and making out with him in front of the entire audience. Not classy.

Spoiler alert! Hannah Ann won the show and went home with 40 bags worth of Revolve clothes. I’m jealous. You can see the entire wardrobe she won here.