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West Point Debunks Media Reports Of Cadets Flashing White Power Symbols

West Point confirms cadets at the Army-Navy game were in fact playing the “circle game” and not making the white power symbol.


At the Army-Navy football game last week, cadets were caught playing the “circle game” on national television. An official investigation by West Point confirms it was indeed the “circle game” and not a “white power” symbol as many media outlets reported.

The “circle game” consists of holding up the “OK” symbol below your stomach, if someone see the circle, you have the right the punch the person that saw the circle. After a photo of a cadet flashing the OK symbol on television went viral, leftists attacked the cadets claiming they were engaging in white supremacy.

According to the mainstream media, the “OK” symbol used to play the “circle game” is actually a sign for white power. Their reporting disregarded the fact that the “OK” symbol is just the “OK” symbol, and that sometimes basketball players use it to signify a “3-point” shot, sometimes kids use it to play the circle game.

News outlets such as NBC and USA Today published articles that did not mention an alternate explanation. They simply published articles accusing the cadets of being white supremacists.

“Military officials say they are looking into an incident Saturday in which students flashed what appeared to be white power hand signs during televised activities before the Army-Navy football game,” NBC News tweeted.

“Students appeared to make the White Power hand symbol during a pregame broadcast of the Army-Navy game,” USA Today tweeted.

Facing media pressure, West Point initiated an investigation into the issue. On Friday, the school released their findings, affirming the cadets were in fact playing the “circle game” and not making the white power symbol.

“The evidence strongly supports a finding that [the cadets] made “OK” hand gestures during the ESPN broadcast of GameDay because they were playing the ‘circle game’ or ‘gotcha game,’ There is no evidence that [the cadets] hold any racist or white supremacist view or attempted to communicate such messages by using the “OK” hand gesture on national television,” the West Point report reads.

This is just another example of the media trying to “Covington” young people who appear to potentially hold  conservative values. In January of 2019, the media made allegations against a young man from Covington Catholic High School wearing a MAGA hat. They accused the student of harassing a Native American man, based on one picture. In actuality, a full video of the incident revealed the picture was taken incredibly out of context and the Native American man was actually harassing the student.

The mainstream media have found their newest victim — cadets that serving our country and preparing to sacrifice their lives.