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IG Report Reveals James Comey Lied To Fox News Anchor Bret Baier About Steele Dossier

It is evident James Comey lied to Bret Baier about his knowledge of the DNC and the Clinton campaign’s funding of Christopher Steele’s illegitimate dossier.


In April 2018, former FBI Director James Comey appeared on Fox News with Bret Baier. Looking back at this clip after the release of the Inspector General’s FISA report, it is evident Comey lied to Baier about knowing Christopher Steele’s dossier was funding by the Democratic National Convention and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

During the interview, Baier pressed Comey about his knowledge on the Steele dossier. Comey claimed he did not know for a fact that the Steele dossier was funded by the DNC or the Clinton campaign.

“When did you learn that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign had funded Christopher Steele’s work?” Baier asked.

“Yes, I still don’t know that for a fact,” Comey said.

“What do you mean?” Baier asked.

“I’ve only seen it in the media. I never knew exactly which Democrats has funded — I knew it was funded first by Republicans,” Comey responded.

“That’s not true that the dossier that Christopher Steele worked on was funded by Republicans,” Baier said.

The IG report shows that Comey was indeed informed of the funding of the dossier. According to the report, on October 12, 2016, then National Security Division (NSD) Assistant Attorney General Stuart Evans raised concerns to both Comey and Andrew McCabe about the DNC and Clinton campaign funding the Steele dossier.

On October 12, 2016, Evans’s concerns about Steele were briefed to Comey and McCabe in a meeting attended by at least [E.W] Priestap, [Peter] Strzok, Lisa Page, and the OGC unit Chief. According to notes of the meeting, the group discussed that Evans was concerned Steele may have been hired by someone associated with Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and that the read copy of the FISA application would not be filed with the court that day so that Evans could further assess the potential bias. …

Following the meeting, the OGC Unit Chief emailed [Deputy General Counsel Trisha] Anderson and and the OGC Attorney on October 12 and advised them that the concerns Evans had raised were discussed with Comey and McCabe.

Nonetheless, Comey lied to Americans in order to keep up the appearance that the Steele dossier was in some way legitimate or that he was unaware of it’s illegitimacy.

After the October 2016, meeting Comey would go on to include the uncorroborated dossier in briefings with both President Obama and President-elect Trump.

It appears it is not a moral compass, but a partisan compass guiding the acts of America’s boy scout, James Comey.