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Comey Claims Fox News Canceled His Booking. No Word On Baier’s Invitation


James Comey says Fox News cancelled his appearance, but Fox denies ever booking the former FBI director. Fox anchor Bret Baier invited Comey on, but no word yet.


Former FBI Director James Comey claimed “Fox and Friends” cancelled his scheduled appearance on the show after the show’s producers read the newly released Department of Justice inspector general report. Fox News denied Comey was ever confirmed to appear on “Fox & Friends.”

“They booked me for tomorrow at 8 am. They just cancelled. Must have read the report,” Comey tweeted on Monday.

A spokesman for Fox News told the Daily Caller that, “James Comey was not booked and was never confirmed to appear on Fox & Friends.”

Fox News anchor Bret Baier then extended a generous offer to discuss the report on his show, “Special Report.”

Keith Urbahn, Comey’s book agent and media booker, attempted to dispute Fox News’ claim that the appearance was confirmed. Typically, media figures and television professionals understand no appearance is confirmed until they have a hit time.

Comey authored an op-ed at the Washington Post on Monday, touting the the fact that the IG report says investigators found no evidence of political bias in the myriad violations of law and procedure they confirmed.

Comey conveniently ignored other findings in the report, such as how the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was indeed investigating the Trump campaign, not four individuals, as Comey previously testified.

The former director also failed to address why his agents doctored evidence and deliberately excluded information from FISA applications in order to spy on Trump campaign aides. Hopefully, Comey does appear on Fox to address these findings and to set the record straight.