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Let’s Look At Jerry Nadler’s Super-Gerrymandered, Lily-White District

Democrats claim to hate racist gerrymandering of congressional districts. Unless it’s Rep. Jerry Nadler’s.


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is in the spotlight these days. The farcical impeachment of Donald Trump has landed in his large lap, and he will largely determine how the rest of this process goes. Yesterday he treated us to a parade of deeply concerned constitutional experts, but as he works towards the removal of a duly elected president of the United States, it’s worth having a look at his wildly gerrymandered and super-white congressional district.

Democrats hate gerrymandering, at least when Republicans do it. They want independent commissions, not lawmakers, to decide our congressional districts. Okay, but what about Nadler’s ponderous and unlikely New York 10? Going from south to north, this district somewhat amazingly starts in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, then grazes a few blocks of Bay Ridge before leaping the East River and somehow winding up on the west coast of Manhattan, capturing TriBeCa, Soho, Chelsea, and the Upper West Side.

What is the result of this unlikely serpentine district? It just so happens it is more than 70 percent white, in a city where white people are less than 50 percent of the population. It somehow also manages to be less than 5 percent black in a city where black people make up a quarter of the population. Let’s be clear, there is only one plausible explanation for this unicorn district, and it is to be as white possible so Nadler doesn’t face pesky challenges from politicians of color.

This would be business as usual if not for the fact that Democrats regularly lecture us all about the evils of gerrymandering. When Republicans do it, it is apparently horrible and racist; when Jerrymander Nadler does it, nobody bats an eye. Its just politics as usual in New York City. He goes along, he gets along, and nobody says boo about it.

But now that he finds himself in a rather large national spotlight, we should talk about it. How did this happen? Was it an accident? Did he just randomly wind up with an oddly-shaped district that is 70 percent white? One that skips around the city like a bachelorette party bus? That seems unlikely. What seems far more likely is that Nadler’s friends in Albany continually carve out a district that keeps him in office, and protects him from potential challenges.

The purpose of pointing out this uncomfortable truth is very much to expose noble Nadler for the fraud he is. He wants to remove the duly elected president of United States, all while he owes his office to the race-based machinations of a gerrymandering that Democrats claim to abhor. This is Democratic hypocrisy tied up with a nice bow.

Welcome to the big leagues, Mr. Nadler. Now that you are spearheading the effort to undo the 2016 election, you are fair game. So the American people, and the people of the city of New York, have a right to know how your magical district came into being and why it persists.

This district mocks everything that Democrats preach. Yet it is held by the man who would now undo a presidency. It’s time to talk about the plank in your own eye, Mr. Nadler. It’s time to ask why you are given these electoral advantages.

The gloves are off. American politics have turned into a hockey fight. So I want to know, how did Nadler wind up with this lily-white district? Maybe there is some reasonable explanation? More likely there isn’t and the reason is exactly what we all suspect it is. But do tell, chairman. In the season of airing grievances, let’s hear your explanation for this one.