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U.K. Lesbian Threatened Over Her Campaign To Remove The ‘T’ From LGBT

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Lawyer Allison Bailey is the latest U.K. woman to be investigated, singled out, and shamed for her view that biological sex is innate and only women can be lesbians. Bailey, a barrister for the firm Garden Court Chambers, was vocally enthusiastic about the launch of the LGB Alliance last month, which dropped the “T” for trans.

Because of this, she is being investigated by her own employer, although her activities with the LGB Alliance are on her own time and not under the auspices of her firm. One might even conclude it is her lesbianism itself that is under fire from her employer, as that is the root of her activism with the LGB Alliance.

More and more women are coming up under investigation and charges of transphobia. Leftists are ostracizing and shunning them for their views. This is actually a good thing, because it means women are waking up to this absurdity, wiping the compassionate sleep from their eyes, and taking a stand despite the personal and professional costs.

The fight for broad, mainstream acceptance of trans ideology is finally getting some visible, widespread pushback. Gender-critical feminists and conservatives have been screaming about this for several years. They have been shamed, derided, and belittled. This all for espousing the view that biological sex is innate and immutable, that altering the sex-specific language of womanhood to include men will lead to female erasure, and, most importantly, that “woman” is not a feeling but a word describing an “adult human female.”

Trans Ideology Is Harming Women

At issue between Bailey and her employer is the LGB Alliance, which splintered off from LGBTQIAP+ advocacy group Stonewall U.K. at a Stonewall meeting on Oct. 22. Stonewall has been at odds with lesbians and gender-critical feminists since 2015 when, after consulting with trans advocates for only six months, it decided to endorse transgenderism.

Bailey, along with so many other women who have simply had enough of this nonsense, in which children are being medically poisoned and lesbians shut out of the gay rights movement, will not give those hard-fought protections for women and girls, nor the validity of the lesbian sexual orientation, to men who wish to be included. The factions are formed, and people are taking sides.

As reported in The Telegraph U.K.:

Bev Jackson, a co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front, said: ‘LGB people like us have been writing to Stonewall for over a year – trying to set up a dialogue with them. It’s about the fact that they have chosen to prioritise trans people and have almost abandoned their original mission: protecting people who are same-sex attracted. Sadly, we do still need protection. Young lesbians in particular are suffering; experiencing huge social pressure to transition to male if they do not conform to traditional gender stereotypes. Almost 10,000 people have signed our petition – asking for calm, respectful discussion. Stonewall has stonewalled us every time. So it’s time to set up an alternative organisation.

Garden Court Chambers Can’t Handle Differing Views

Her law firm, Garden Court Chambers, reportedly employs “trans people and trans supportive people, including one who literally founded the Trans Equality Legal Initative (TELI). … They have held Transjustice events and consistently came down in support of trans people’s rights. They have argued against the legal system on behalf of trans people’s rights not to be prosecuted for not telling everyone [they’re] trans. They have been instrumental in pushing for legislation that makes it illegal for anyone who holds data about you to be lax with it and out you as trans by accident. They have fought against trans women being held in male prisons while prisons decide what to do with us and whether our paper work is in check. They have spoken in favour of allowing trans women to be legally recognised as mothers instead of fathers.”

It also seems Garden Court Chambers is not comfortable having barristers with differing views, and the firm has bought into the dogma of its caseload. Bailey is clear in her Twitter profile that her views are her own, she is gender critical, and she believes in “biological reality before gender identity.” A law firm cannot practice law objectively if it cannot even fathom how lawyers in its employ could hold alternative views.

On behalf of Garden Court Chambers, a spokesperson said an “investigation is being carried out and has not been concluded. We have made no decision as yet but we will approach it in an entirely fair and even handed way. We will not make any other comment at this stage.”

Bailey and Others Are Standing Firm Against Trans Dogma

There’s a distinct schism in feminism and gay rights between those who acknowledge that transgender ideology reinforces sex-based stereotypes and is pushing for the erasure of protections for women and girls, and those who are so blinded by “compassion,” they believe biological sex is a mutable condition. Bailey joins a growing list of strident, brave, outspoken women who will not be silenced.

The way trans ideology has emerged, coming through the channels of alt lifestyle enthusiasts and civil rights advocates, from arts organizations to women’s groups, is what has made it so insidious. Before society could even grasp the absurd claims being made, the dogma was upon us, fully formed, set to destroy basic logic and biological science.

It trounced all over the reality that men and women are distinct entities, proclaiming that plastic surgery is a prescription for becoming one’s true self and that the existence of trans adults means there are also trans babies. It has altered language to the point of being unrecognizable, redefining lesbianism as same-gender attracted, and reframing the concept of a lesbian who is same-sex attracted as bigoted against trans people.

Bailey does not appear to be a woman who will back down. She notes that she has already experienced “appalling levels of intimidation, fear and coercion that are driving [Stonewall’s] trans self-ID agenda.” With a legal mind, insight into the U.K.’s justice system, and a drive to advocate for the welfare of women and girls, it seems clear that Bailey is up for this fight. Garden Court Chambers had better watch out.