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Watch David Marcus On ‘Fox & Friends’ Discuss Voters In The Heartland

“[Voters are] not nearly as troubled by Trump’s tone as most people in New York are and are judging him based on his job performance.”


The Federalist’s New York Correspondent David Marcus joined Peter Hegseth on Fox & Friends yesterday to discuss his recent New York Post Op-ed about his trip from Arkansas to Brooklyn and back where he talked to voters along the way. According to Marcus many of these voters feel ignored by a mainstream media that fails to present their views and perspectives.

Asked by Hegseth about why they feel Trump really listens to them, Marcus explains that they want more real jobs, not for their towns to be “covered in solar panels and the service industry.”

And they certainly don’t want to be told, as many Democrats say, that their lifestyles and values are a thing of the past.

On the Democratic field Marcus found great trepidation among these voters, especially in the areas of socialist rhetoric and illegal immigration. Regarding the latter, most of the voters he spoke to had something to say about the Democrats promise at the second debate that they would support free health care for illegal immigrants, and what they had to say wasn’t very positive about it.

Finally Marcus urged more New York journalists to get out of their bubble and talk to people in the heartland. “You learn that Twitter is not the real world, and Brooklyn is not the universe,” he told Hegseth who agreed these are important lessons. You can watch the entire video below.