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10 Terrible Things Pinterest Still Allows While Choking Bible Verses And Pro-Life Info

I never thought that something as simple as ‘I don’t like it when babies are murdered’ would qualify for censorship. Apparently that’s problematic, but not porn and self-starving.


As The Federalist’s primary, and only, male Pinterest authority, I felt obligated to weigh in on the latest controversy regarding Pinterest’s censoring of Live Action.

Live Action is a pro-life advocacy group, one of our nation’s largest. A Pinterest employee discovered they had been flagged as pornography as an attempt to hide anything related, in what seems like an attempt to censor pro-life posts on Pinterest.

This is very discouraging, given that I advocated for the non-political nature of that platform on this site, and had been contacted by Pinterest based on my article. They seemed to like that I was noting Pinterest was a non-political place where men could find things of interest.

I had plainly noted that I had not bothered to look into the strange corners of Pinterest, because I liked it as a wholesome forum for grilling, cocktails, men’s shoes, cars, and even guns for a person who might be interested in those kinds of things. I never thought that something as simple as “I don’t like it when babies are murdered” would qualify for censorship.

So, to demonstrate the absurdity of Pinterest’s position, I give you ten things you can still find on Pinterest. These are actual search terms that the Pinterest hive brain suggested when I started looking for weird stuff.

Here’s the real joke: They claim they have policies that would discourage or remove this stuff. But I found all of it without any trouble.

1. ‘Thinspiration’

I’m not sure how this ever became a thing, but I know eating disorders are a scourge on young women in America, and affect more than 30 million Americans. Someone dies from the damage done by eating disorders at the rate of one an hour.

If Pinterest is interested in discouraging “false or misleading” information, maybe they should consider search terms that encourage eating disorders to be a problem. But they apparently don’t.

2. ‘Weedlover’

Yes, you read that right. “Weedlover” is an automatically suggested search term. It brings up pins about, well, drugs that are still illegal in the vast majority of the United States.

3. Crime Scene Photos

Actual. Dead. Bodies. Horribly mutilated, horribly damaged, victims of crimes and accidents. We’re a long way from my slow-cooker recipes.

4. ‘Nudegrafia’

This is porn, but in drawings. Pinterest tried to filter Live Action out by flagging it as “porn.” I guess porn done with drawing isn’t the same as the real porn. I hate to get all Justice Potter Stewart on you: I’m no expert on porn, but I know it when I see it.

5. Gay Culture

I won’t list all the search terms here, but I have no doubt that Pinterest has never censored or restricted a post that lauded any part of gay culture. Not even the leather. Some of it gets rough.

6. Alcohol Humor

It’s relatively tame, but it makes light of alcoholism, which isn’t all that funny. Another example of Pinterest having no problem with hosting potentially false or misleading information or encouraging dangerous behavior.

7. ‘Nazi’

Yup. Live Action is too intense for Pinterest, but Nazi propaganda is just fine. That brings us to:

8. Antifa

This one is admittedly a mixed bag. It seems plenty of people on Pinterest find Antifa either awesome or an absurd, violent group of spoiled children. Some of those people are correct.

9. ‘Bewbs’

So, you can’t search for “boobs,” but you can search for “bewbs,” a silly little word I saw on social media once. They have the same meaning, but one of those is blocked, and the other does the trick.

10. No Words for This

Finally, whatever this is, it’s not good for anyone.