Matthew Braun
Matthew Braun
Matt Braun

Matthew Braun is the founder of Panoply Consulting.

The Whitmer Kidnapping Case Reveals The FBI’s New Counterterrorism Target Is You

What’s interesting about the revelations from this week is not that the FBI is up to some new, clever gambit to combat the wily insurrectionists in our midst.

Amazon’s ‘The Report’ Tortures The Facts About Dan Jones’s Info Ops

Adam Driver stars in a movie that attempts to tell the story of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s infamous ‘torture report,’ but it gets the story badly wrong and tries to lionize a dishonest partisan hitman.

A Book On The Enhanced Interrogation Program That Tortures The Truth

Mark Fallon’s book, ‘Unjustifiable Means: The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government Conspired to Torture,’ purports to be an exposé but only reveals his limited understanding of very controversial issues.

10 Terrible Things Pinterest Still Allows While Choking Bible Verses And Pro-Life Info

I never thought that something as simple as ‘I don’t like it when babies are murdered’ would qualify for censorship. Apparently that’s problematic, but not porn and self-starving.

This Isn’t Watergate, And Intel Leakers Aren’t Deep Throat. They’re Traitors

Something has changed in how we perceive mishandling classified information, because the punishments are going from light to nonexistent to outright praise.

A Former Cop Takes On ‘The War On Cops’

Is Heather Mac Donald’s book ‘The War on Cops’ a corrective to Black Lives Matter rhetoric or just more hyperbole in defense of overzealous law enforcement?

12 Reasons Pinterest Has Become My Online Man Cave

How Pinterest helped me escape the politics of Twitter and Facebook and discover the things I really love about the Internet.

What ‘American Sniper’ Tells You About Its Critics

A veteran reviews ‘American Sniper.’