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Kirsten Gillibrand Botches Lizzo Lyrics, Inducing Cringes Nationwide

Kirsten Gillibrand committed an egregious pop culture blunder when asked on the campaign trail to name her favorite Lizzo song.


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) wants primary voters to know she’s not like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom. Much like Amy Poehler’s indelible character in “Mean Girls,” however, the senator just can’t hang.

My colleague Madeline Osburn already raised this with Gillibrand directly in an article politely titled, “No One Likes You, Kirsten Gillibrand.” Tough a pill as that may be to swallow, it’s true—at least according to the polls. But now Gillibrand appears to be doubling down on the bold strategy of being entirely unlikable.

The senator has committed a pop culture blunder so cringe-inducing I hesitate to inflict it upon you. Asked by an innocent child to name her favorite Lizzo song, Gillibrand launched into a brief rendition of “Good As Hell” that can only be described as grotesque.

(Trigger warning: this video contains disturbing musical content.)

Like desperate prom chaperones across the nation, Gillibrand botched the lyrics hard. Perhaps she declined to simply name the song given that it would have involved cursing in front of a small child, which would also explain why she awkwardly stopped singing (if you can call it that) after four miserable seconds. Or perhaps she thought her performance would impress the youths.

Either way, the moment provides another helpful example of why Gillibrand is struggling to win over hearts and minds. She’s just not believable, and it’s getting harder to watch every day. In the words of Regina George, senator, “Please stop talking.”