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Planned Parenthood President Furious At Media For Underplaying Abortions

Why on earth would Planned Parenthood’s president publicly contradict the narrative her organization has been laying on thick for the past four years?


Ever since undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood sells body parts from the babies they crush to death inside mothers, the organization has worked desperately to depict abortion merely as a side hustle. Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards insisted to Congress that her corporation is all about women’s health. We’ve been regaled with false talking points about how abortions comprise only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services.

As Alexandra DeSanctis writes at National Review: “The group’s primary slogan at the moment is ‘this is health care,’ and [the abortion conglomerate’s new president, Leana Wen] has prefaced at least a dozen tweets since becoming president with the phrase ‘As a doctor,’ a clear effort to trade on her status as a physician and convince observers that abortion is, in fact, health care.”

Eagerly continuing to play their part in perpetuating this lie, during a honeymoon tour for Wen media outlets pulled out their fluffy pink paint again. She’s been on soft, woman-oriented talk shows like “The View” and “CBS This Morning,” and written up in the New York Times and Washington Post. This is like having a skirt-suited Hannibal Lecter do the rounds with a five-minute informational bit about skin care routines.

But the media is nothing if not abortion shills. So outlets must have been pink with surprise when Wen flogged them on Twitter over helping her downplay abortion’s central position for Planned Parenthood. In chastening “headlines” for “completely misconstru[ing] my vision for Planned Parenthod,” Wen insisted that abortion is “our core mission.”

Why on earth would Planned Parenthood’s president publicly contradict the narrative her organization has been laying on thick for the past four years? Well, for one, we have a Democratic House now. If even Republicans can’t cut federal funds to an organization that profits from human death and dismemberment, certainly Democrats won’t. Planned Parenthood is a major Democrat Party donor. It’s got one of those sweet little deals politicians love: Get money from taxpayers, give money to politicians, and the party keeps rolling.

So, for the time being, Planned Parenthood’s subsidies are secure. There’s no longer as much a need to run about desperately lying about “Women’s health!” to give Republicans cover for cowardice. If Republicans ever threaten Planned Parenthood’s federal largess again, Planned Parenthood and its proxies will just put back on their pink suits and cry in front of the cameras about “women’s health care” again. Problem solved.

That means Wen is now free to focus on Planned Parenthood’s donors, who are under no illusions about why they support her organization: abortion, abortion, abortion. Not just the grisly business of killing tiny human beings inside their mothers’ wombs, but the politics of abortion. That means turning their campaign money firehose right back against Republicans.

DeSanctis thinks Wen’s made a stupid rookie mistake here by revealing that stuff about breast exams and being the only local provider for so many women has all been a ruse. But I think she’s taunting Republicans and the pro-lifers who keep supporting them. Planned Parenthood can go before Congress for chopping up and selling human body parts and effectively lose nothing.

Wen thinks Planned Parenthood is untouchable. Given their past two years of craven inaction as Republicans controlled all branches of the federal government for the first and possibly last time in decades, can you blame her?