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Breaking News Alert House Republicans Fail To Hold Merrick Garland In Contempt Of Congress

Why Republicans Must Hold A Vote On Kavanaugh This Week Without Fail


My grandmother passed away this year. She had volunteered at the local crisis-pregnancy center, and she and my grandfather gave plenty of money to the cause. Just one woman keeping her baby was worth the effort.

During her lifetime, 60 million pre-born infants were killed. That’s a staggering number: 20 percent of the current population of the United States. Most killed were in the earlier stages of gestation, but many, by means of shocking “procedures,” were fully developed and capable of living outside of their mothers.

My grandmother did what she could to stem the tide. But there was one thing she couldn’t do, and it bothered her. She could never vote to stop, and only rarely to restrict, abortion.

Yes, she voted for politicians who said they were pro-life. But if these politicians won, nothing changed. The few laws they did pass were often struck down by the courts. When Republican presidents appointed justices to the Supreme Court, several still ended up finding a constitutional mandate for abortion, and a mandate for striking down state laws passed by the people’s representatives meant to restrict abortion.

My grandmother never understood how seven Supreme Court justices she never voted for and couldn’t name took a constitutional amendment meant to ensure that newly freed slaves were treated fairly, and created an absolute right to kill an infant in Roe vs. Wade. It didn’t matter whether the majority of a state, or the entire country, wanted to restrict the most extreme and gruesome procedures, such as partial-birth abortion. Abortion was a fundamental right, Roe said.

My grandma would be happy to know that this system of undemocratic unaccountability is maybe, just maybe, being challenged. We don’t know how Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would vote on Roe, or any other issue. But we do know Kavanaugh comes from the legal school of thought that says it is downright improper to take a Civil War-era constitutional amendment and find things that were never once fathomed by those who wrote the amendment. Kavanaugh doesn’t think judges should make law.

Democrats will do anything to keep ordinary voters from deciding our abortion laws. That’s why the Democrats have gone nuclear against his nomination.

Democrats’ Risible Campaign Against Kavanaugh

So far, they have brought forward at least three women. The first, Christine Blasey Ford, says that after a psychotherapy session in 2012 she revealed that Kavanaugh had assaulted her. Kavanaugh and three other witnesses Ford identified offered testimony under penalty of prosecution for lying to the Senate. All, including Ford’s lifelong female friend, have stated that they have no idea what Ford is talking about, and can’t remember any such party. Her friend said she didn’t even know who Kavanaugh is.

Aside from this, Ford’s recollection of the number of people attending the party and other key details has varied, and she can’t remember how she got to and from that party, which was quite far from her house.

As Ford stalled, another accuser stepped forward: Deborah Ramirez. According to the New Yorker: “After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”

The New York Times interviewed several dozen alleged witnesses, and none can remember any such incident. It also stated: “Ms. Ramirez herself contacted former Yale classmates asking if they recalled the episode and told some of them that she could not be certain Mr. Kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.” This sentence was later pulled from the New York Times article without any explanation. Ramirez has so far refused to submit testimony to the Senate.

There is a pattern here. Ranking Senate committee member Dianne Feinstein sat on Ford’s allegations for six weeks. Once the Ford accusation had been publicly made, Republican chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley bent over backwards to accommodate Ford and Ramirez. But Ford and Ramirez’s Democrat-activist lawyers repeatedly stalled.

Next, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti came out with a new Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick, who says Kavanaugh participated in gang-rapes of drugged-up girls at high-school parties. Swetnick was in college at the time, and supposedly attended multiple high school parties where young girls were being drugged and raped. Ford and Ramirez also tried saying that they shouldn’t be forced to testify because of the new allegations. Instead, they said, a detailed and many months-long investigation is required.

Another FBI Investigation Is a Delay Tactic

Last week, Ford finally appeared before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. She and Kavanaugh gave emotional testimony. Feinstein and other committee Democrats repeatedly lied, or twisted the truth. After unequivocally denying the charges, Kavanaugh stressed his good character, and not just lack of corroborating evidence for Ford’s allegations but also the corroboration instead for his statements.

Democrats scrutinized Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook and love of beer, and continued to call for an FBI investigation. It was a clear delay tactic considering that Feinstein sat on the allegations for weeks, the FBI has already checked Kavanaugh out repeatedly, and the Democrats have thus far declined to have their staff seriously participate in the investigation of the accusers’ claims.

When the committee finally voted to bring Kananaugh’s confirmation to the Senate floor, Sen. Jeff Flake—who voted for Kavanaugh in the Judiciary Committee but has an axe to grind with President Trump—signaled that he would not vote to confirm on the Senate floor without another FBI investigation. Pro-abortion Alaskan Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski quickly backed Flake’s proposal, meaning Republicans likely don’t immediately have the votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

No doubt in the coming days, new allegations will emerge, or Democrats will demand that the claims against Kavanaugh, no matter how unbelievable, should garner FBI investigations as well.

Enough already. Clearly, Democrats’ motivation is to postpone Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the 2018 midterm elections, at which point Democrats may control the Senate. The depressed Republican turnout that would result from Republicans dithering over Kavanaugh would certainly help. Red-state Democrats, who will pay a political price for voting against Kavanaugh before the midterms, would also be freed to vote against Kavanaugh after the midterms.

Even if women should be taken very seriously when they make allegations of sexual assault because of the special nature of these crimes—and they should—Democrats can never again be taken seriously on this issue.

Democrats Have a History of Politicizing Sexual Assault

For years, NBC sat on a tape of Trump crudely bragging to Billy Bush that women of subpar morals would easily sleep with rich and powerful men. Only weeks before the general election, and right before a presidential debate, NBC leaked the tape.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper then asked Trump if he had ever touched a woman inappropriately. No, of course not, said Trump. Over the next week, dozens of women came forward who said Trump had done just that. They said they didn’t plan on saying anything, but Trump’s denial—which just happened to occur only days before the election—made them so mad they had to speak out.

This last-second allegations trick is time-worn. In 1991, Anita Hill claimed sexual harassment from current Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. In one example, she said Thomas put pubic hair on her soda can. Feminists and progressives wore pins saying, “I believe Anita Hill.” The news media lapped it up.

But years later, Juanita Broaddrick credibly accused Bill Clinton of rape. She cries when she describes what happened. But NBC sat on the story for months. Democrats ignored the allegations or smeared Broaddrick’s character.

Then there’s former senator Ted Kennedy. He let a girl drown because he thought a DUI would ruin his political career. As an older man, in just one of many drunken and inappropriate episodes, he threw a waitress down and thrust himself on top of her in a D.C. restaurant. Some say this was a different era. Really, the left has never cared a fig when sexual assault allegations are made against a pro-abortion politician. (If you think Al Franken is an exception, just wait a year.)

If You Vote for Abortion, Go ahead and Attack Women

Keith Ellison, a congressman and deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee who is running for attorney general in Minnesota, has been accused of assault by two women. There’s a record of a 911 call, and Ellison’s accusers told people what happened contemporaneously, not 30 years later.

If this were the RNC deputy chair and a prominent member of Congress running for a powerful state office, every single Republican would be peppered with questions.

Ellison just debated his Republican opponent, Doug Wardlow, and had the gall to turn the allegations of abuse against his accuser. She was the real abuser, he said, not him. Yet Democrats just don’t care. So far only a handful of Democrat members of Congress out of hundreds are pushing back against Ellison, and only if pressed publicly in interviews.

If this were the RNC deputy chair and a prominent member of Congress running for a powerful state office, every single Republican from Seattle to Miami would be peppered with rapid-fire questions: “Do you disavow Ellison’s attempts to claim that the real abuser was the woman who accused him of domestic abuse?”

The truth is that the left and its media allies have never used sexual assault allegations for anything other than the twin causes of their own power and protecting abortion-on-demand. They have routinely defended their own in such cases, without controversy. Just this week, a low-IQ opinion article run by Minnesota’s biggest paper, the leftwing Star Tribune, had the gall to say that Ellison’s critics are only motivated by racism.

Articles like this are not outliers. This is how the left operates. There are “I believe Anita Hill” pins, but where are the “I believe Jaunita Broaddrick” pins? Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono literally said that because Kavanaugh doesn’t fully support finding a constitutional right to abortion, she thinks he is guilty of assaulting women.

It’s Time for a New Eleventh Commandment

Democrats will do anything to keep abortion legal, and to keep voters from deciding America’s abortion laws. That’s why it is time for a new Eleventh Commandment. Ronald Reagan had an Eleventh Commandment that said “never speak ill of a fellow Republican.” But Reagan’s commandment is old-fashioned.

Without convincing evidence, don’t even consider last-minute allegations made by Democrats.

Many Republican politicians proudly stand athwart the president, and fancy themselves the representatives of true conservatism. These politicians are ignoramuses who misunderstand the basic tenants of conservatism, don’t know how to win, and fail to see the left’s depravity. Failing to criticize them hurts the conservative cause, and our great country.

Instead, a new Eleventh Commandment is in order: Without convincing evidence, don’t even consider last-minute allegations made by Democrats just before a Supreme Court confirmation or an election.

Yes, despite contradictory statements, Ford sounded convincing, and her story is gut-wrenching. But her story alone would never win her a civil suit, which requires a majority of the evidence, let alone convict Kavanaugh in a criminal proceeding. The entirety of the evidence besides Ford’s claims is in Kavanaugh’s favor. And it would be utterly ridiculous to operate from testimony alone, as some would have us do, given the Democrats’ epic hypocrisy and bad faith.

Treat the New York Times Like InfoWars

To really follow the new Eleventh Commandment, we need to treat the New York Times, The New Yorker, NBC, CNN and MSNBC as we currently treat Info Wars. Maybe Alex Jones thinks that the government is creating homosexual frogs. We could refute it, but by refuting it we legitimize it. Instead, begin the effort to ignore the lying progressive media entirely. Don’t go on their shows. Don’t appear in their pages. They are InfoWars.

Begin the effort to ignore the lying progressive media entirely. Don’t go on their shows. Don’t appear in their pages. They are InfoWars.

If this seems extreme, that’s because it is. Voters are sick and tired of last-minute allegations, and the future of our country is at stake. What kind of country do you want to leave for your children?

Yes, there’s a difference between being bold and being stupid, and a difference between being strategic and being craven. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell understands this, and he is a patriot. But many in the Republican Party do not share voters’ view that we are in an epic struggle for the soul of our country, and time is of the essence. Thankfully, things can always change.

Republicans: Bring the vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the Senate floor this week. Do it for people like my grandmother, and the millions of other Americans who have been fighting for this cause, giving you money, and turning out to vote for you all their lives. They might care about taxes, but they don’t vote for you because of tax cuts. Have a spine, or we will find others who do.

What’s right matters most, but the politics are in Republicans’ favor too. Fundamentally, Democrats are fighting to make sure that voters in a nation of 325 million people can’t decide their own abortion laws. That is reprehensible. Let the Democrats—especially those in states that Trump won who refuse to confirm Kavanaugh—be on the record supporting this tyranny going into the midterms.