Willis L. Krumholz
Willis L. Krumholz
Willis Krumholz

Willis Krumholz is a writer for The Federalist who lives in Minnesota. You can follow Willis on Twitter @WillKrumholz.

Why Adam Kinzinger Is Wrong About Staying In Afghanistan Forever

In the end, all America’s troops and dollars can’t build a cohesive, peaceful democracy out of nothingness. The future of Afghanistan needs to be up to the Afghan people.

Wuhan Lab Leak Controversy Illuminates Why U.S. Corporate Media Amplify Communist Propaganda

The time for complaining about the corporate media and shooting down every one of their lies is over. The time for action has come.

Why It’s Not Time To Freak Out About Inflation Yet

The solution to avoiding serious inflation and exiting our country’s debt problems is more complicated than many establishmentarians think.

How Democrats’ Open Borders Cause Children To Suffer And Die

Democrats and leftist Christians who were outraged over ‘family separation’ are now silent about the record number of migrant children trafficked across the border.

Most Child Predators Receive Only Probation In Minnesota

Voters currently unaware of Minnesota’s record on these crimes would likely find the state’s actions and inactions extremely troubling.

Is Our Exploding National Debt Fueling An Economic Crash?

At our current rate of spending, the U.S. will be unable to confront major problems in the future because we’ve already stretched ourselves too thin.

North Korea’s Saber Rattling Presents An Opportunity For Biden To Reduce Tensions

A better situation with North Korea could be another check on China and a crowning achievement of Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

How America’s Welfare System Can Stop Separating Kids From Their Fathers

The consequences of fatherlessness are devastating, especially for children, yet the government continues to disincentivize marriage in its welfare programs without recognizing the pitfalls.

Americans Voted To End War In Syria, But This Unelected Bureaucrat Lied To Overrule Them

One factor in a bunch of Americans opting for Donald Trump in 2016 was his promise not to start a new war in the Middle East — but the D.C. establishment secretly kept troops in Syria, and lied about it to the president.

If Americans Can No Longer Trust Our Elections, We’re In Big Trouble

This is an incredibly dangerous moment for the country and may be a pivotal point in the future of America’s democratic republic. Did we just cross the Rubicon?

VeggieTales Creator Applies His Postmodern Fairytales To False Mess Of A Video About Roe v. Wade

No, Christians shouldn’t tie themselves to the GOP. But it’s farcical to equivocate the records of Republicans and Trump to the Democrats on abortion.

No, Shutting Down Another Stimulus Won’t Cost Trump The Election

What makes Trump look worse before the election: trying to get a deal with no success, or pointing out that the other side doesn’t want a deal for political reasons and pulling out of talks?

China’s Hardball Tactics Have Isolated It From The World

China has tried to pull Europe away from America, but the strategy isn’t working. Turns out, Europeans have the same concerns as America over China’s behavior.

To Win Re-Election, Trump Should Nominate Amy Coney Barrett

Not only is this the right decision on principle, since judicial nominations are the duty of the president, but it is also the right political move.

How To Keep Corporate Wokeness From Destroying America

The Democratic Party long ago abandoned working-class blacks and whites in favor of identity politics, corporatism, and cultural leftism. It’s time for the GOP to step up by returning to its roots.

Congress’ Coronavirus Response Could Cause Mass Layoffs Right Before The Election

Congress has created a policy cocktail, authored by both Republicans and Democrats, that may keep our unemployment rate elevated throughout 2020.

While Defending Rioters, The Media Ignores Slain Black Police Officers

Violence directed at cops is being ignored, and innocent victims aren’t having their stories told when it won’t fit the media’s narrative. It has to end.

Here’s A List Of The Police Killed Or Injured In The Last Week’s Violence

Police have been shot, stabbed, run over, and hit with objects across the country since the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis Police. These injuries and deaths have been unreported by the national media. 

Spygate Law Firm That Attempted To Overturn 2016 Election Behind 2020 Voting Lawsuits

A Democratic effort is underway in at least 16 states to overturn restrictions on mail-in balloting and third-party ballot harvesting.

How Trillion-Dollar Deficits Kill Blue-Collar America, And Coronavirus Bailouts Make It Worse

Because of the coronavirus bailouts, the federal deficit is now expected to be $3.7 trillion for fiscal year 2020. This is a huge drag on Americans’ earnings and retirement security.