Willis L. Krumholz
Willis L. Krumholz
Willis Krumholz
Willis L. Krumholz is a fellow at Defense Priorities. He holds a JD and MBA degree from the University of St. Thomas, and works in the financial services industry. The views expressed are those of the author only. You can follow Willis on Twitter @WillKrumholz.
An Illegal Immigrant Almost Killed My Family. He Was Set Free To Commit More Crimes

While Democrats play politics, too many Republicans are either too willing to give Democrats what they want while receiving little in return, or secretly have no problem with porous borders.

5 Things We Learned About The ‘Russia Investigation’ This Week

People and organizations that Americans trust for information have a consistent pattern of brazenly running cover for the Democrat Party.

House Intel Committee Democrats Started The False ‘Russia On Facebook’ Story

Democrats spread a false story, the media picked it up without asking questions, and only months later do some grudgingly acknowledge that the whole thing is probably bunk.

Why Congress Shouldn’t Expand Intelligence Agencies’ Power To Spy On Americans

What will it take for some Republicans to stop blindly supporting the federal government’s most powerful bureaucracy?

Why We Should Prioritize American Interests Above Our Values In Foreign Policy

A leaked Trump administration memo says America should stop ‘badgering’ allies on issues such as democracy, the rule of law, or human rights. There’s some truth there.

Adam Schiff Saying Something About Russia Doesn’t Make It True

Adam Schiff’s Wall Street Journal opinion article shows yet again that Democrats have no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia. Schiff’s wild claims harm himself, and America.

Why The Left’s Sex Assault Scandals Are Only Beginning

Yes, both sides are guilty of a double standard for sexual misconduct, but the Left’s hypocrisy has been particularly egregious, and has likely allowed the problem to metastasize and fester.

Why Talking To Russia Is Good For America

The current U.S. policy toward Russia is counterproductive and hurts our national security.

Why Trump Is Making A Huge Mistake Keeping The Federal Reserve Status Quo

Senate conservatives need to be tough on Jerome Powell. Bad policy choices at the Federal Reserve that he supports have been toxic for the blue-collar American worker.

Neocons’ Siren Song Has Divorced Republicans From Their Voters

You may have never heard of Robert Kagan or Max Boot, but they are hugely influential to the people you vote for.

Why The Russia On Facebook Narrative Is Overblown

When do the people peddling conspiracies about Donald Trump and Russia lose all credibility?

Why The Russia Story Says More About The Deep State Than It Does About Trump

The great risk is that intelligence bureaucracies become a government unto themselves, wholly unaccountable to elected officials. It’s already happening.

We Still Have Zero Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia

Russia always interferes in American elections, but the degree to which they did is important, and up for debate.

It’s Good For America, Not Russia, To Stop The CIA From Funding Syrian Jihadists

The idea that Russia orchestrated the Trump administration’s decision to end the CIA’s funding of jihadists is totally corrupt and offensive.

To Really Fix Health Care, Republicans Must Get At What Spurred Obamacare

The Ryan Plan is dead. It’s time to figure out how conservatives can actually fix our health care woes, and not just put another Band-Aid on the problem.

The Media Missed Donald Trump’s Point About U.S. Debt

Donald Trump is right that our debt problems could sink us. He’s wrong to then advocate more government spending.

Why Trump’s Government Spending Will Destroy The Economy

Many GOP voters think they’re getting something new in Donald Trump. Actually, they are opting for Bushonomics and Obamanomics on steroids.

Why Guttmacher’s Absent Unintended Pregnancy Data Point Matters

Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute has finally responded to queries about how it’s altered its unintended pregnancies reporting.

Guttmacher Erases Data To Protect Planned Parenthood, IUDs

Planned Parenthood’s research arm is hiding data to bolster claims that Planned Parenthood and IUDs are reducing unintended births among poor women.

Yes, Planned Parenthood Targets And Hurts Poor Black Women

Rep. Gwen Moore uses the abortion industry’s bad statistics in an attempt to absolve Planned Parenthood of its crimes against poor, black women.