Willis L. Krumholz
Willis L. Krumholz
Willis Krumholz
Willis L. Krumholz is a fellow at Defense Priorities. He holds a JD and MBA degree from the University of St. Thomas, and works in the financial services industry. The views expressed are those of the author only. You can follow Willis on Twitter @WillKrumholz.
Trump Is Right: Regional Allies, Not The United States, Should Rebuild Syria

The Trump administration’s move to cut off aid to Syria is in America’s best interests, and it’s good for the Syrian people too.

Trump Should Ignore The Failed DC Establishment And Get U.S. Troops Out Of Syria

Americans are sick of endless wars, and a bipartisan consensus of ordinary Americans yearns for more realism, restraint, and plain common sense in U.S. foreign policy.

The Facts Behind The Trump Tower Meeting Are Incriminating, But Not For Trump

The real colluders with Russia are the Democrats, intelligence agencies, and corporate media. The facts about the Trump Tower meeting only reinforce that.

At Helsinki, Trump Undermined Our Power-Abusing Intelligence Agencies, Not America

There’s a big difference between the two.

Why America Needs To Get Out Of ‘Africa’s Afghanistan’ In Somalia

With well more than 7,000 troops on the continent, the United States has troops in 50 of Africa’s 54 countries, and is conducting combat missions in roughly 20 African countries.

Why Intelligence Agencies’ Abuse Of Power Should Be A Litmus Test For The Right

Why are so many in Washington—even supposed conservatives—so eager to defend our powerful and unelected intelligence agencies?

8 Times Obama’s Intelligence Agencies Set People Up To Fabricate The Russia Story

These events should anger any red-blooded American who believes in representative democracy and the importance of the rule of law.

Here’s How To Take Down Planned Parenthood Now That Trump Landed A Punch

The new regulation is a bigger blow to Planned Parenthood than anything establishment Republicans have ever done. But much more action is needed.

It’s Time For The United States To Stop Funding Other Wealthy Countries’ Defense

Article 5’s commitment to common defense means nothing if other NATO members aren’t making, or actively trying to make, their contributions to the club.

5 Reasons Democrats Are Suing Over Their Russia Collusion Narrative

The Democratic National Committee just filed a civil suit in the Southern District of New York against the Russian government, members of the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks.

If Backchannels With Russia Are Considered Nefarious, Say Hello To War

We have reached peak idiocy if Mueller really is investigating backchannels between the early Trump administration and the Kremlin.

How To Play The Long Game With North Korea In America’s Interest

We should be wary of a military conflict that could incinerate millions of victims of totalitarianism, along with U.S. citizens, South Koreans, and others living in the region.

If The FBI Started Investigating Trump In July 2016, The Clinton Campaign Was Behind It

Democrats and media are trying to deflect from the House memo by saying the Russia investigation really started in July 2016. That argument doesn’t work in their favor.

Right Now, Democrats Have No Obstruction Case Against Trump

Every one of Trump’s actions cited as grounds for an obstruction charge are well within the powers of the presidency, regardless of intent.

3 Reasons The United States Should Stay Out Of Syria

Upping the ante in Syria would be politically disastrous for the president, and more important, it would damage America’s national security. Here’s why.

An Illegal Immigrant Almost Killed My Family. He Was Set Free To Commit More Crimes

While Democrats play politics, too many Republicans are either too willing to give Democrats what they want while receiving little in return, or secretly have no problem with porous borders.

5 Things We Learned About The ‘Russia Investigation’ This Week

People and organizations that Americans trust for information have a consistent pattern of brazenly running cover for the Democrat Party.

House Intel Committee Democrats Started The False ‘Russia On Facebook’ Story

Democrats spread a false story, the media picked it up without asking questions, and only months later do some grudgingly acknowledge that the whole thing is probably bunk.

Why Congress Shouldn’t Expand Intelligence Agencies’ Power To Spy On Americans

What will it take for some Republicans to stop blindly supporting the federal government’s most powerful bureaucracy?

Why We Should Prioritize American Interests Above Our Values In Foreign Policy

A leaked Trump administration memo says America should stop ‘badgering’ allies on issues such as democracy, the rule of law, or human rights. There’s some truth there.