Willis L. Krumholz
Willis L. Krumholz
Willis Krumholz

Willis Krumholz is a writer for The Federalist who lives in Minnesota. You can follow Willis on Twitter @WillKrumholz.

How Trillion-Dollar Deficits Kill Blue-Collar America, And Coronavirus Bailouts Make It Worse

Because of the coronavirus bailouts, the federal deficit is now expected to be $3.7 trillion for fiscal year 2020. This is a huge drag on Americans’ earnings and retirement security.

How To Stop China And The Left From Controlling The World Through Intolerance

In the face of asymmetric intolerance, such as communist China’s bully tactics, corporations rationally take the path of least resistance and slide into corporate leftism.

Nancy Pelosi’s Wuhan Virus Priority Is To Give Money To Her Rich Donors

Behind the scenes, congressional Democrats’ main priority is bringing back a big tax loophole for rich people in high-tax blue states: their donors.

The Wuhan Virus Is Serious, But Shutting Down Isn’t The Long-Term Answer

What to do about the U.S. economy in the wake of the Wuhan virus? The answer requires a mix of both short-term suppression and then long-term mitigation.

Trump’s COVID-19 Response Will Make Or Break His 2020 Reelection Bid

The economic implications of the virus are most concerning of all, and require a level of seriousness from the White House that was missing for much of last week.

The Top Thing Government Childcare Needs Is No Marriage Penalties

The Trump administration wants more funding for states’ child care welfare, but the program is prone to fraud, waste, and abuse, and it carries massive marriage penalties.

In Minnesota, People Who Sexually Abuse Children Are Usually Given Just Probation

Treating child predation like a disease has put too much focus on rehabilitating criminals and too little focus on keeping children safe.

How To Make Abortion Less Profitable For Planned Parenthood

The City Pages hit, and Planned Parenthood not liking the billboards, is not just about a disagreement over a controversial issue. It’s about money.

Why Conflict With Iran Over Iraq Can’t End Until America Withdraws

Instead of playing politics, Washington must realize that risking the lives of American forces in a gamble to reduce Iranian influence in Iraq isn’t worth it and may be self-defeating.

Bloomberg’s Plan For Black Americans Doubles Down On The Left’s Failures

Michael Bloomberg’s new plan is a perfect example of the failure of center-left policy concoctions meant to help black Americans, invariably cooked up by rich liberals.

How Trump Can Triple His Support Among Black Voters In 2020

Trump is uniquely gifted to bring black America back into the GOP. Come spring 2020, he should go to Detroit and aim for winning back black voters.

The Fundamental Question Is: Why Is America Still In The Middle East?

D.C.’s hysteria is dangerous. The strike wasn’t necessarily wrong, but the president must tread carefully. Too much of D.C. wants him not to.

Paul Krugman Said Markets Would ‘Never’ Recover From Trump. The Dow Is Up 10,000 Points Since 2016

The stock market and wages are important means to an end. But though the market is booming now, conservatism doesn’t fail if it drops.

How Paul Volcker Put The Country Above Himself And Wall Street

There’s a sense that the bureaucrats who command the federal leviathan work for themselves, not for the country at large. That wasn’t true of Paul Volcker.

Hillary Clinton, Chris Steele Allege Boris Johnson Is A Russian Stooge

Given his dismal track record, it’s stunning that Christopher Steele has again surfaced, just before the U.K. election that will decide Brexit, to claim that Johnson is a Russian asset.

Tucker Carlson Is Right About Wall Street’s Indifference To America

Right now, the interests of the GOP donor class are being put above the interests of the American people, and easily 90 percent of GOP voters. It’s beyond time for that to change.

How Our Endless Wars Are Helping Bankrupt American Taxpayers

As long as the Pentagon is a sacred cow, the United States will never balance its budget. If our military stops being the world police, it can have all the ships and planes it needs to keep us and the troops safe.

Why The Right Should Care About Income Inequality

Widening inequality and slowing social mobility really is a problem in America, and government policies championed by the elite have exacerbated this inequality.

Ron DeSantis Proves Matt Bevin’s Conservatism Wasn’t His Albatross

Matt Bevin’s loss doesn’t have anything to do with Trump, and it’s not about ‘conservatives’ versus ‘moderates,’ either. Conservatism embodies middle-class and working-class values. Why not embrace that?

The Jeffrey Epstein Story Is A Giant Rats’ Nest That Needs Dogged Investigation

From the media to government bureaucrats to Epstein himself, powerful people are getting away with execrable behavior. It’s time to investigate the Epstein-media-intelligence agency nexus.