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Thousands Cheer As Argentina’s Senate Votes Against Legalizing Abortion


Argentina’s Senate voted against legalizing abortion on Thursday, by a 38-31 vote.


Argentina’s Senate voted against legalizing abortion on Thursday in a 38-31 vote, prompting riots and cheers in Buenos Aires from assembled pro-life and pro-abortion demonstrators.

Demonstrators in favor of the bill, which would have legalized abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, reportedly threw bottles at police and started fires outside of government buildings when it was voted down in the Senate.

Pro-life demonstrators rejoiced at the news. Thousands who stood in the cold to watch as the votes were cast cheered when news broke that current abortion restrictions, which allow the practice only in cases of rape or when it threatens the life of the mother, would remain in place.

Pro-lifers around the world celebrated the vote as an important victory, especially after Ireland’s referendum vote earlier this year to legalize abortion delivered a severe blow to the international pro-life movement.

In the wake of Ireland’s decision to legalize abortion, Pope Francis called for members of the church to defend life, comparing abortion to the Nazi practice of eugenics.

“Last century, the whole world was scandalised by what the Nazis did to purify the race. Today, we do the same thing but with white gloves,” he said last month.

The pontiff, who is from Argentina, has not responded to the news of the pro-life victory in his home country, nor did he speak out about Ireland’s push to legalize it leading up to election day. He is slated to visit the Emerald Isle, which departed from the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, in a few weeks.