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Leftist Agitators Run DHS Secretary Out Of Restaurant, Call For Children To Be Raped And Border Agents Murdered


Warning: This article quotes vulgar words and graphic images.

Members of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America chapter say they “got a tip” Tuesday evening that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was eating dinner at a restaurant near the White House. Their response was to quickly collect a mob of about 15 people and enter the restaurant, screaming and shouting at her while banging drums: “Abolish ICE,” “Shame,” “End Texas concentration camps!” “No border, no wall, sanctuary for all!” “How do you sleep at night?” “Do you hear the babies crying?” “If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace.” (Video here.)

Rather than police coming to arrest and remove the group for disorderly conduct, public disturbance, and menacing a public official, it was Nielsen who quickly ejected from the restaurant into an SUV. Leftist Twitter immediately erupted into applause for the vigilantes.

Jessica Valenti is a columnist for The Guardian’s U.S. edition.

Christine Emba is an editor and columnist for The Washington Post.

Ana Navarro is a CNN news personality.

A few weeks ago, this same local chapter of socialists, about 60 to 70 strong, marched down the middle of the street to the northern Virginia home of Lora Ries, who assisted the Trump transition team with homeland security policy and has worked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They stood outside her home chanting things like: “No borders! No nation! F-ck deportation!” “Aqui estamos! No nos vamos!” (Spanish for “Here we are, we’re not going.”) “Lora Ries, you’re a villain, locking up immigrant children.” “No bans, no wall, sanctuary for all.”

In the video below, you can see that mob event. The person behind the camera interviews one marcher, who identifies himself as Jacob Cortell. He explains: “We were trying to find someone that embodied the whole aspect of deportation regime. The person we’re targeting, Lora Ries, really has gone out of her way to make her career out of dehumanizing immigrants.”

Students currently attending the high school Nielsen graduated from in Tampa have issued a Soviet-style denunciation of a woman confirmed to her post by the duly elected representatives of the American people in the U.S. Senate.

Nielsen and Rees are not the only ones being hounded by a left apparently gone stark raving mad about the U.S. president enforcing laws Congress has passed. Academy Award-nominated actor and filmmaker Peter Fonda posted on Twitter that President Trump’s son should be locked into a cage with pedophiles. Here’s The Blaze’s summary:

In an all-caps rant, Fonda wrote, ‘We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against the giant a**hole she is married to. 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country. F***.’

Fonda’s tweet has received more than 3,000 comments, several hundred retweets, and over 1,000 likes. He deleted the tweet. Here’s a screenshot of another tweet he deleted, with more vicious attacks on Nielsen.

Occupy Wall Street New York City tweeted an image calling for foreign citizens who break U.S. laws to murder U.S. law enforcement who attempt to enforce those laws.

The Twitter account also noted that Occupy protesters blockaded prison employees in Portland, Oregon from going home Monday, and kept nine people at work overnight because the protesters refused to move and the police negotiated with them instead of arresting them until the next day. Reports say antifa were in the prison blockade that numbered approximately 200 people. They’re demanding the abolition of ICE.

The former head of the CIA and NSA has been on a Twitter bender comparing using tax dollars to feed, care for, protect, and give health care to foreign citizens caught breaking our laws to Nazi Germany’s mass murder of Jews, Christians, and other selected ethnic groups and enemies.

It’s spelled “Auschwitz.”

Meanwhile, activists have also begun a doxxing campaign to enable further aggressive social agitation against the homes, privacy, and careers of people who work for ICE and other federal officials.

Emma Roller — a writer for Splinter News, which is a subdivision of Gizmodo — deleted this tweet, but Wayback Machine has it with portions in another language:

Let’s be clear: These are the tactics of either extremely stupid people or agitators seeking to ignite social strife and possibly violence. It is not Nazi-like to treat foreigners breaking our laws better than their own countries are treating them, especially despite their choice to cooperate with murderous drug cartels and use their children as a shield from the consequences of breaking a foreign country’s laws. Nobody wants to see children separated from their parents, but that often happens when you break the law, and President Trump just issued an executive order to end it. Neither is it a legitimate excuse to push the boundaries of social terrorism.

If people employing tactics like this want to increase social unrest and violence, as well as ensure President Trump’s re-election from ordinary citizens who now have been put on notice that supporting border enforcement might make someone susceptible to being followed and screamed at, they should keep right on threatening public officials and private citizens who are just trying to do their jobs.