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Salena Zito Talks To The Voters Creating Trump’s Populist Coalition

In the new book, “The Great Revolt,” Salena Zito and Brad Todd dig into the changing American electorate and the minds of voters across 5 swing states.



Salena Zito is a reporter, columnist, and co-author of the new book, “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics.”

Zito joins the Federalist Radio Hour to explain what she found after interviewing more than 300 Trump voters across 10 swing counties.

“Trump is the result of this movement, but he was not the cause of it,” she said. “I’ve been chronicling this since 2006. I warned in 2005 that something was happening to Republicans…that people were unhappy with the party.”

Later in the hour, Zito describes how she has seen similar themes in the results of recent special elections and primaries.

Listen to the full episode here: