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Podesta: Hillary Would Have Opened An Investigation Into Aliens


Recently in these pages I suggested that the mainstream media’s coverage of the Russia investigation has come to resemble the History channel program “Ancient Aliens.” I could not have known then that John Podesta, former deputy White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton campaign chair, would appear on “Ancient Aliens” in an episode that suggests Clinton was prepared to release secret documents about aliens that Donald Trump was not.

He also intimates this might have helped Trump win. If not Russia, then why not aliens?

In the cold opening of the episode, Podesta is shown saying, “The government seems to be completely unaccountable to the public. They rarely release anything they know, or the findings.” He goes on to say, “people want to know what the government knows, and they ought to know what the government knows.” Podesta seems convinced  the government is hiding evidence of aliens, just as so many on the Left think it is hiding evidence of Russia stealing the 2016 election.

One has to ask why  Podesta would even appear on “Ancient Aliens.” His hashtag, “the truth is out there,” reminds us of CNN ads claiming some apple exists under a pile of bananas and they are heroes for digging through that pile of bananas looking for it. But silliness is silliness, and there’s no accounting for it. What moves us into the honestly weird is when Podesta starts suggesting Hillary Clinton would have disclosed the existence of aliens.

This is a good time to take a step back. The episode spends a good bit of time talking about the Clintons and UFOs. I want to take a moment to say I wouldn’t have ever written that sentence if Bill Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta hadn’t shown up to cast doubt on our government’s honesty about the issue.

The episode also implicates presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan, all of whom apparently knew about aliens. Perhaps Podesta had never seen an episode of “Ancient Aliens” and had no idea he was lending his credibility to an entertaining show about as credible as a $40 Rolex. But that seems unlikely.

Aliens For Trump

As the wonderful but absurd episode moves along, it becomes clear, as always on “Ancient Aliens,” that nefarious interests are keeping Podesta’s “truth” from the people. Again and again, “government reports,” the very existence of which prove aliens exist, find a way to lie about them. The real information is denied and hidden. The people aren’t allowed to know the truth. But was there a candidate, a hero, who might be willing to share the truth if elected? Ancient alien theorists say yes. And her name was Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the episode, Podesta suggests that U.S. government investigations into aliens were faulty, and failed in their scope or rigor. He believes important information is being kept from the American people. It’s not clear what he thinks that information is, but he did make clear who he thought would have given us those answers.

He says, “Clinton was interested in the topic and if elected would have opened an investigation into declassification.” He goes on to describe that presidents decide if they want more or less secrecy. The clear implication is that Trump wanted more secrecy, Clinton wanted less.

The episode continues in this manner. And look, it’s “Ancient Aliens.” Nobody takes it seriously, right? But Podesta says he believes  Hillary Clinton would have told us the truth that Donald Trump is hiding about aliens. As questions swirl about Russia’s involvement in our election, shouldn’t we be asking the real question that Podesta gives credence to?

Did aliens influence the 2016 election? The truth is out there.